Santa Ana, California

I'm a business major looking to open up a gym of my own, and after reading all these complaints, I now know not only to never join or work for this club, but I'm now also aware of the faults of this club and what NOT to do. Plus, I know this club will be no competitor in my books.

These faults and complaints will only drive me to be better than Anytime Fitness.

Thank you to all the unpleased customers for your input, and I'm sorry you have to go through this with this club. Thank you!

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Let me get this straight so all consumers are wrong? Hardly!

So not returning numerous calls inquiring about over charges, delaying a contracted refund over 3-months, forced to get an attorney to end the issue are not acts of questionable business practices and an inconvenience in which other consumers shouldn't be aware of. I think any business has its share of spineless and lazy owners who would rather ignore customers with legitimate complaints than admit they did not follow their own business model and wronged a customer. Only when it blows up in there face do they follow through.

Sorry to say there are Anytime Fitness clubs out there exactly like that as well as the corporate office. Don't pretend to know it all.


Let me get this straight, you want to open up your own business so you go to to find reviews? Did they even teach you in your business class that consumers complain in two primary ways: Their family/friends and the INTERNET.

Did you also notice all the other gyms in the industry on this website? Seriously....if I were a franchisee, I would rather throw myself into a highway before I ever partnered with someone that goes and looks for information on a company at a website focused on NEGATIVE reviews. I don't think you're going to get anywhere if this is the means of your research. LoL.

Sad that you even believe any of these thousands of people with a negative experience even though Anytime Fitness is servicing over A MILLION satisfied members. By the way, the people that complain on this website, regardless of what company, are usually the people that can't admit their own fault. I could go through every one of these comments about Anytime Fitness and find out where the consumer went wrong. Here's a lesson in Business Ethics 101: There are THREE sides to every story.

Side A, Side B, and the truth. You are a ***.

Good luck because you'll need it. Especially in the sales industry.