Portland, Oregon

My husband and I joined, signed a 24 month contract in new facility two blocks from home. We are middle-aged and well versed at working out, have worked with multiple trainers and at multiple gyms over the years. We normally go at 4:00 am, when hardly anyone is there.

Right after starting, I was approached by owner who told me he had been 'reviewing' security tape because another member complained I was 'bringing in a personal trainer". Of course it was my husband. Did i mention we work out together and both have memberships. I was more upset that he's reviewing security tapes than being accused of bringing in outside trainer.

My husband speaks to him and explains AGAIN that he is not a trainer.

We are now too afraid to go due to owner's accusatory tone. We go back a few weeks later ONE TIME and get an email from owner that he had 'another member complaint" that we were 'training'??? Isn't that what gyms are for? Trainers don't work out WITH you. Also, he was torqued that one of us jumped off of a running treadmill for a minute and said if it happens again, we will be dismissed for misuse of equipment.

I talked to owner and told him the harrassing emails were defeating purpose of working out. It became clear he watches security tapes regularly. It also became clear that this is a very 'white' club and my husband's skin color is not pale enough. I mentioned this to club owner, who then fired us as clients for 'misuse of equipment'. It's a vague term. I should file a complaint but life is too short.

This is a nice facility with a new owner who's former profession was a wine salesman. He does not understand circuit work and has poor communication skills. He scolded us like a couple of little school kids. No wonder his gym is not growing and is not busy. He clearly doesn't have enough to do, violates privacy by regularly viewing tape (I hope it's not for perverted reasons), and made things so uncomfortable for us we were glad he fired us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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