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I was charged $780 in unauthorized charges after cancellation of my membership.

Although the cancellation process itself was already senselessly difficult, I jumped through the hoops necessary to cancel my membership 9/2016. This process entailed sending a cancellation email to the club confirming the cancellation I had already done in person.

From this point forward I was charged monthly to date, totalling $780. In an attempt to dispute these charges, I peeled back the onion of intentional dissassociation that defines this organizaiton and it's goal to trap people into contracts, and not have responsibility to resolve customer service issues.

Anytime Detroit's billing is handled by a company called ABC. This third party company strictly handles charges and payments. For this reason, they are able to completley eschew any responsibility they have in customer/club financial disputes. Conversely, the club itself is able to leverage this relationship to also deny culpability in such matters.

Digging a bit further, I contacted the "corporate" structure of Anytime Fitness (SE Brands) to request aid. As they explained, every club location is an independent franchise in which they have no authority or governance and thus they too cannot help me resolve this problem.

After repeated attempts to contact the Detroit location, I was finally able to speak to an associate who informed me that the person who processed my cancellation "no longer was with the company", "was fired on bad terms", and "probablly deleted the cancellation email". Luckily, I had saved this email which proved to be the saving piece of evidence I had to support my case. She told me that the owner would contact me in five days to discuss the matter. Five days...

I was finally contacted by Dimitrius (manager) who was apologetic, admitted fault, and promised a refund within one week. I asked at the conclusion of the phone conversation that he send an email to confirm the details discussed. It has been over a week and I am yet to hear back from him. I have contacted the club a number of times where I am told he is unavailible and I am met with rudeness, unprofessional behavior, and shortness.

My advice: NEVER sign a contract with this club. The management is clearly uninvolved or does not care about members and the staff is either incompitent to resolve issues or incapacitated by the ownerships lack of resolve. Quicken Loans team members: save yourself a headache and go to the One Woodward Gym. If for whatever reason you are compelled to join after reading this, keep all documentation, block the billing agency via your credit card provider after cancellation, and check your statements for charges that occur after cancellation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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