Gardnerville, Nevada
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The staff and owner of the anytime fitness in Gardnerville NV is the worst I have ever seen..The arrogant owner contemptuously treats all members like dirt...The rest of the staff is unfriendly to the point of being hostile...and collectively they have the personality of damp dishrags...A miserable place to try and workout....My wife refuses to go anymore because of the loud ozzi osborne style hard rock metal music they blast over the stereo....I tell her it is 'dirtbag music' picked by dirtbags.....not a pleasant atmosphere.....We are going to leave just as soon as our contract expires.....Do not sign up at this gym go to the other gym in town you will be glad you did!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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I joined Anytime Fitness somewhere else and ended up moving to this area.

I started using this location over a year ago and since day one I was so disappointed and upset.


Most of the time at least one machine is broken, or the TV is not working.

Also, by comparison to other Anytime Fitness, the quality of machines here is VERY LOW. They are using old and refurbished machines and are cheap on the TV channels too.

There is ONLY ONE BATHROOM for males and one for females.

Almost every time I needed to use the bathroom it was filthy and was missing either toilet paper, paper towel or seat covers…..

The owners are only interested in your money. Once you join here, they no longer have ANY INTEREST IN YOU. If you ask for anything, you will either be ignored or rudely replied.

Here is one example of my visit yesterday:

I came in and started working out, but the machine I used was broken. I waited until another member finished his workout and used his machine. About 5 minutes before finishing my workout, I saw the owner and manager leave the gym. When I finished my workout I went to use the bathroom. It was filthy and the trash was overflowing. There were no seat covers remaining…. When I left and headed out, I noticed that the door mat INSIDE THE GYM was covered with 10 inch pieces of debris (like dry straw or something like that). Basically, this is what you get from this gym and its owners….. BEWARE!!!!

I completely agree with ALL the negative feedback I have read on this gym.

I am planning to contact the headquarters of Anytime Fitness to file a complaint. Most other locations (individually owned and operated) of Anytime Fitness I have visited, were a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. They had class and quality. The only class and quality here are in some of the members.


I have to say they are good about getting your money but they don't return phone calls when you want to cancel your membership.


I have nothing nice to say about the gym in Gardnerville. I was very enthusiastic about working out and getting into shape.

So enthusiastic in fact that I could not see through the lies being fed to me during the signing of a contract. Long story short, the owner is a money grubbing *** who could care less about an individual over lining his own pockets.

I understand running a business, I do not understand the lack of compassion from someone who is looked up to by so many gym goers.

Maybe I don't "fit" into the status quot of what that specific gym is trying to attract, but I guarantee I will never, ever recommend Anytime Fitness in Gardnerville, NV to any of my friends, family, colleges, peers, or employees... EVER!


Then there are the "newlyweds" that will chomp your leg off if you dare get in-between them. I mean, can't your fat-bottomed wife workout by herself?

Good grief, just take the next machine over!

I think I get it: you are way out of her league, and she is terrified to leave you alone. I think your relationship is doomed!!


I have a less harsh review, because for the most part the gym and staff are okay. However, the overall atmosphere is not really friendly and there is no comraderie among the patrons or the staff.

I made the mistake of saying "hi" to a few people (staff and members), and based on the reaction I got I don't talk to anyone anymore; staff included. I mean seriously, don't flatter yourself!


Gotta say, I disagree completely! As my son just said, 'they are NOT dirtbags!' I find the Staff and Owners to be fabulous and caring. The gym is clean with new equipment and Fitness on Request -- which is a great option.

Speaking specifically to the comments made of the owners -- not arrogant or contemptuous and have never treated any member like dirt as long as I've been there. That's not in their nature. Nor have I seen any Client be treated like dirt (although I heard one Client was kicked out deservedly for acting hostile and arrogant. Thank you to the Staff for removing that Client!) The music has never offended me and I notice that most Clients are utilizing their own music anyway via headsets.

I'd recommend Anytime Fitness in Gardnerville to anyone -- and I've been to that 'other' gym in town.


I guess the only dirtbags are those who get asked to leave the gym for acting like one! I love this gym and the staff is great!

They do a great job keeping it clean and inviting. Check it out for yourself you won't be disappointed!


Let me start by saying I COMPLETELY disagree with your statement. Anytime Fitness Gardnerville has the MOST FRIENDLY staff of any gym in our local area.

They are always kind and there to answer any questions you may have.

The music played IS NOT "hard rock metal music" and there are NO DIRTBAGS working there. The music is NEVER too loud in fact my personal opinion is that it is TOO QUIET!!