West Point, Georgia
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went to cancel my month to month gym membership and they told me they will take out 2 extra payments. this does not sound like a month to month obligation at all.

the person i spoke to (nadia) said i should have done a pay as you go option. this is costing me $70 a month for this. if it is month to month i should have been able to call and have it over at that moment.

i have nothing else to say except do not sign up month to month. they also deal with a financial company called abc financial

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I managed gyms, including Natilius, Golds, Holiday Spas.

1. Its a franchise, so privitely owned in actuality.

2. Its a business. It works by cash flow. Money is borrowed and reivested by the owner or investors premissed on the monthly cash flow.

3. There are external investment companies who purchase the memeberships at 'points on the dollar'...(here is where the two months come in)

Your group sold your membership so, they have a 30 day notification period for cancelation...and you probably were on the 'margin' of pay periods which vary. So, you fell into the two month catagory-its in your contract unfortunitely. Most respectable owners simply take the loss. But again, these are privitely owned, so there are good ones and bad ones... sorry to hear any US business mis represent itself.