Avon, Indiana

Since joining, tanning bed hasn't worked, took months to fix but had to pay. FOB card doesn't work for many reasons they tell you, but still I pay.

New equipment already broke, but they take my money. The managers/ trainers charge for classes they run, overcharge for training, they run, get a cut of supplements they sell, and promote themselves and their own training company and get paid from that. Members let non-members in after hours. Not safe no matter how many cameras.

Don't sign a contract!

Owner gives the run around when contacted. Read before you join

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I am a proud member of AnyTime Fitness at the Michigan City In location. The place is always clean, and the equipment is new, the shower rooms are always clean.

Staff is always polite and I feel safe. My husband is a retired Military police officer who served 15 months in Iraq he is not a member due to his PTSD, but he did come inside with me and gave the place a (thumbs up) for its security.


:) First of all yes some equipment does have issues, but they get them resolved quick and fast. As for Michigan City I've lived here all my life.

Life happens and you have to live it.

Its a great gym and I personally am very happy with my membership. To the angry former employee get over it and move on...


AT in Michigan City has turned into a THUG gym!!! So has the area... And the managers wife is very rude and immature !!


With the recent drive by shootings in Michigan City, i must say i no longer feel safe at AF...After staff leaves many non-members are let in and the cameras dont stop that..My wife will no longer go after hours because of the THUGS that just let others in..Cameras and obviously the management, cant prevent this or wont...Signed active member....Not disgruntled employee..


Cliff I will ask you this....How did you get hired? Did this disgruntled employee hire you?

Didnt this same disgruntled employee give your wife a ride to work because you needed help? Did this disgruntled employee give you a training book to study from? Did this disgruntled employee get you CPR certified? Oh sorry Cliff is not CPR certified!!!I guess i would be upset to!


I guess Cliff and his wife forgot how they got there start! Competition is on the way!


Right, ANYTIME is the right time to bend over.....(pun intended)


Jamie is one in a zillion! Congrats on the longevity!

Your post is being transferred to corporate and you are being considered for employee of the year.

This distinction will afford you a free month, a free t-shirt, a free personal training session and increased discounts for your family to add on. (Of course, you will be required to sign a 12 month contract to receive these goodies!) LOL


Way to stand up for yourself and your club, Cliff. I met your owner, Steve, last week at my club and he seems like a wonderful man. Feel free to call me to talk anytime. (no pun intended)


AF Manager---been with the company 3 years!


Hey Cliff Wilson, (Team Wilson)PissedConsumer will be sending you an invoice for the cheesy ad below and please pay promptly, just like you expect from your club members! LOL If you are the owner, it will be 2-3 years before you sell or close and if you are the Manager, it will last an average of less than 6 months.

These are the typical time frames (industry averages) for this unsustainable business model. BTW, Michigan requires a tanning operator at all times tanning is being used....are you in accordance with the law?

Please post your ridiculous solicitations at local entities for any benefit. This is the big leagues and you're in the minors!


Hello, I am the current manager of the Anytime Fitness in Michigan City. One of my members recently told me that these comments were posted on this site.

To anyone that may ever read these comments, know that every single one was written by a disgruntled former employee. If you are still unsure please just stop in and have a look around. You will see that the club is very clean, there has not been one piece of broken equipment since we opened, and we are not out to squeeze money out of you every way we can. I post my name (Cliff Wilson) and the name of my training company (Team Wilson) because I have nothing to hide.

I am proud of what I do and the club I work at. This is also an extension of the owner who is very generous to members and employees and makes this a great place to be.

So please stop in and take a look around for yourself. Thank You


Even though the tanning bed didn't work and now the "NEW" equipment is always broke they won't let me cancel or even give me a refund ! The owner,just says they are doing the best they can but can't cancel membership! Does anyone ever see the owner?


Cardinal fitness hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!


For only being open for a few months, and hearing of this site, I must admit after being a member and reading reviews, I am sick of the drama of this club. The owner is just so fake, I can't wait for my membership to expire and go to Cardinal !!!


Chuck Runyon CEO, are you listening? Convenient only when staffed, key card software working and ownership/management actually cares about members.

24 Hour Clubs have issues with consistency, training, experience, staffing, cleanliness, policies, resigning, etc. IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING $$$. The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how challenging the fitness industry can be. The franchisees got screwed and now they are "paying it forward" to club members.

Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof? RIGHT! Profitable?

RIGHT! Easy? RIGHT! They are trying to survive with an impossible business model.

Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now for many franchisees!

Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!