Adelaide, South Australia
Not resolved

My account was on freeze due to issues with my income, when my account got unfrozen i was charged my monthly fee on the 1st so i could use the gym (normal $64.80 but they charged me $62.20 for some reason to do with the date i unfroze) on the 5th i see on my bank account reversal of payment... then on the 7th i was charged $70 from the gym.

I called up the gym who transferred me to ausfit and asked why my payment was reversed and then charged extra on my bill i was told the bank reversed the money and they charged me a fee because the first payment failed, i explained how my bank told me it was done by them and they told me, no no no we dont have the power to do that we will send you proof it was the bank.

I got a email with a line of text saying a long *** number and it said bank declined funds... after back and forth with bank and them both saying the other did it i said F it keep the extra i just want to train.

On the 15 i went to the gym was all great, i asked the manager at the gym to stop the automatic text messages i get from them (as i have in the past) and she did no issues had a chat about general fitness etc and i went home.

wend down the next day and now my key is locked out after i drive a hour to the gym.... my money was payed, the website says my key is active and i still cant enter the gym...

Over this.. will be termanating my account ASAP

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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