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Have been a member of the Chaska Mn box for better than 2 years now and decided to go to another club about 3 weeks ago for something different. Went and worked out with my wife and done nothing different than usual, I take performance evaluation video on my phone as she is going to compete at the end of the year.

We worked out and left. Decided to go there about 10 day s later again as we were going to go see a movie and it was more convenient for us to go to this place in Eden Prairie Mn as it was on the way to the movie theater. Nothing different than usual, we worked out, I took video and we left. Wife met up with a work colleague about 3 days ago (both are anytime members but not at this box) to workout and show her a few things as she is new to working out.

Wife gets a phone call at 7.30pm last night from the *** that owns the box we train at threatening to cancel our memberships because I was taking video and it's obvious that we are training people. So I call him on his cell phone, the number he called me from and obviously don't get him as he is "out of the office" Hey idiots where is it written that training partners, husband and wives and or buddies can't workout together and take video or pics???? These are some of the worst training facilities on the planet and don't deserve to be in business. Wife and I spent 2 weeks touring around Lake Michigan in Oct.

and visited 5 of these box clubs along the way. NOT ONE OF THEM is any better than the others, not a single greeting, not a mention of offering any help, not even a smile from the desk jockies, most of them didn't even raise their heads when we walked in the door. Except the one little fat chick in one that almost tripped over herself getting to the front door to check that the two of us were members, because the door alarm went off when we were walking in. Not even a hello just an anxious little monkey making sure we were not trying to scam them out of a workout.

Our very first impression was hmmmm she's glad to be at work...

It seems to be the policy of this franchise that unless you are actually joining up then don't even look in their direction or expect any sort of greeting because it is not in the job description.

I've requested a meeting with the *** that runs the box we joined up at today to have him present the evidence to back up these claims but don't expect it to happen...

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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