Cape Coral, Florida

I was training at Anytime Fitness 1315 Cape Coral pkwy E Cape Coral, Florida USA. When, the shirt I was wearing was obstructing me from finding and keeping good form through my exercises. It was baggie and a bad choice for a gym shirt. I looked around the gym feeling comfortable that there was only 4 people in the gym, and nobody occupying the ab room where I was training. I removed my shirt.

40min later I wiped up my sweat off all the equipment (a fit ball and a mat) and the floor. I then removed my shoes to use the scales that calculate you fat%. Then I put my shirt on and left straight out the door.

The next day at around 9am, I received a phone call. I said hello. The lady on the other line told me directly she was canceling my access card and I was no longer welcome at the gym. Shocked I asked why. She said she just watched the security footage of me training in my underwear with no shoes on, and it was completely inappropriate. In a attempt to clarify I replied thats incorrect i only removed my shoes to weigh my self, and my short are training short. She replied that the fact I had no shirt was a infringement enough to immediately cancel my membership. I said I was not happy with this as I have not been told this and would like the owner too call me about the issue.

With in 5min she called me back to tell me that the owner has nothing to say to me and my I am to return my card for refund of security deposit. I let her know that I felt the way in which I was being treated was highly unprofessional and urged her to reconcider the actions taken as I felt I had not offend anybody in the gym that night and had cleaned down and returned all the equipment used. She replied coldly and hung up.

I'm confused, does this sound crazy?

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Was told no working out in jeans. Aren't they breathable?


Jeans are listed as prohibited specifically in the contract. They damage the vinyl seats on the pin select equipment. It's not universally enforced but the contract is brief, written in plain English and lists jeans as a violation of club you can be terminated for wearing them, sorry.


The use of the term "unprofessional" seems inappropriate here. They followed the rules, phoned you, and explained what they were going to do.

Can't be much more professional than that, in my opinion.

See, Sometimes the other people in the gym are repulsed when people disrobe publicly, yet want to finish their workout rather than enter into a confrontation with a stranger. That's where management has the unpleasant job of doing what needs to be done. I agree with others that you should have planned ahead, worn the correct size clothes, and followed the rules.

If you are arguing that the management isn't serving the clients, it means that you are only thinking about service to you. In this case, management served four other members through action that will avoid the same individual disrobing in the gym.

Four members served, one disgruntled. Gym wins.


I agree with what others have said about it being inappropriate to remove your shirt in the gym and dealing with it until next time; however, I also believe it was a pretty extreme overreaction to give you the boot. A warning would have sufficed.


I don't want to see half naked people in my gym. Men or women, fit or flabby. It's just good common sense to know you should dress appropriately.

Taking off your shirt isn't going to cool you significantly or help your form enough to be appropriate.


Taking your shirt off in the gym is ***, self-centered, and totally inappropriate. Just because nobody said anything to you, doesn't mean that nobody was offended by it. If you're *** enough to wear a "baggy" shirt to the gym, and it hinders your exercise, then too bad...just go home and wear a better shirt next time.


I'm not fighting for the right to not wear a shirt to the gym. In fact after thinking about it I could have tucked it in to my shorts.

But its not something I concidered at the time. My problem is the way it was handled. Especially, considering the fact that there were only 4 people there all using a different area of the gym completely.

If they had of called and said that that was strictly not on I would have apologized for the offense and we could have moved on.

But to call up and with out the option of discussion. To tell me, "I am no longer welcome" and "the owner has nothing to say to me".

Is over the top and unprofessional.

I'm not a custom to the gym world and do's and don't and even the best things to wear so a little tap on the shoulder would have been appreciated. I would have been embarrassed but thankful I didn't make the mistake in a more crowded room.


I believe you should be able to wear or not wear whatever you want when working out. I faced a similar issue in a club that required T Shirts.

When I was running the temperature in the club was a sweltering 80 degrees which is ridiculous for a cardio room. I took off my shirt and continued running in my sports bra top.

When approached I said I would gladly put my shirt back on when the temperature is dropped to an acceptable and safe range for a cardio workout. I can't stand health club ***.


If you dont want to follow the rules of a gym to wear clothes then workout at home or outside. Stop joining a gym and complaining that they don't conform to your wants and likes.


It's crazy! We live in a really F'd up world and a lot of health club workers are more concerned with enforcing *** rules than serving the customer.

I was banned from Charter Fitness because I got angry when a worker threatened to tow my car. They have 20 parking spaces for a club with a capacity over 200. I believe a place to park my car is included with the membership??

Two days later they called my husband and told him I was banned. WTF


"the shirt I was wearing was obstructing me from finding and keeping good form through my exercises"? Are you kidding me?

Be a man and pull up your big-man-tidy-whities. Women have to keep their shirts ON, regardless of whether or not it is "obstructing" their "good form."

Rules are rules.

Follow them or move on.



Narcissist? Not in the least.

I wear a shirt all the time and a real shirt not those tank top muscle flexing shirts favored by the "narcissist" you are referring. Yes girls wear shirts or tops but they are if they are serious about training or even most the yoga community these tops are tight fitting.

I don't label these people "narcissist". I'll follow the rules once I know them thats the issue.


If you dont like someones complaint move on. The person having to deal with the bad experience dont need your rude comment. ***!