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I was told to come in at 10 today to cancel my membership with that ownwer. It was a year membership it was suppose to cancel November after a year.

It didn’t kept getting charged. I had given a notice in September and was told there was no need for that it would auto cancel. That didn’t happen. In December I gave the notice and was promised by Moe i would not be charged again nor my daughter we were members together.

I still got charged again. Today I went there and a guy named Tony was there. He refused to help us. He ran his mouth called my daughter retarded called us a headache.

He made false accusations against us. Told us it would never cancel and we cannot afford to pay the cancellation fee which would be $600. He ran his mouth the entire time we were there. I was very disappointed.

This is how they treat their members. They refuse to help when you ask about cancellation.

This guy should not be working there if this is how he treats the clients. I have never seen a company bully their customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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They have been known to use bullying and rude tactics all the time. Sometimes to keep a customer.

I heard of a case where someone wanted to cancel a gym membership because she did not want to work out there anymore. They tried to get her to stay including telling her that if she cancelled the membership she would be overweight the rest of her life. They use bullying and belittling tactics to get you to stay. I am not surprised.

May want to get more people in this situation and hire a lawyer. They are not going to do anything because most likely he was trained to be rude just so they can get more money from the customer.


Probably buy that’s not a good business practice. I should have read the reviews before signing up there


Then when he called your daughter retarded you should have told him to go to he77


I am sure karma will catch up to him.. people like that don’t succeed in life