Jacksonville, Florida

Manager of Macclenny,Fl. Anytime Fitness;Melinda Lewis was very rude and unprofessional,making real nasty derogatory remarks!

I will never visit Anytime Fitness again due to this hideous situation,and why is it that Anytime Fitness has an over-weight,out of shape,employee with a very nasty,degrading attitude working for a fitness club such as Anytime Fitness;as a looking customer Melinda Lewis does not give Anytime a good reputation at all and someone really needs to fix that problem for it is keeping not just me but others that i have spoken with from joining at Anytime Fitness in Macclenny,Fl.

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Dear Kyleigh~

I am sorry that you had an unpleasant experience visiting our Anytime Fitness. Of the 2,000 members that we have- I assure the public that me and the Anytime Fitness staff works each and everyday to give our members a great experience.

Obviously you have never made your negative experience known to myself or any staff members. I always carry an open door policy and invite you to see me face-to-face so we can address any issues that you may have concerning our facility. We seek to improve daily to be the best servicing Macclenny and our surrounding areas.We host 19-25 group ex classes a week that stay at a high volume showing on-going satisfaction from our members. We just completed our first bootcamp with 67 graduates each loving and improving personally with their experience.

As far as personal remarks and comments towards myself- I carry a Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine (Athletic Training) I have 16 yrs experience in personal training and group ex instructing and teach top notch group ex classes weekly. If this is a personal problem , then keeping it personal would be best. I know that I have NEVER made derogatory comments to anyone at this facility & consider all members friends & family. Again, I invite you to visit myself anytime you would like- I am there Monday -Friday 9am-5pm weekly & various hours as needed.

At Anytime Fitness we always strive to make every visit exciting , fun and pleasant. In Good Health- Melinda K Lewis

@Melinda Lewis- Manager Anytime

I completely agree with the consumer. I had a bad experience as well.

I am a person that likes to watch others workout. that is how i learn. I am fairly new to the whole boby building experience so i like to watch and learn how to use machines and the body parts to tone. She is a bodybuilder and looks great and has alot of knowledge with machines and dumbbells so it was very motivating to watch her.

one day i was told by her husband that i was giving her a nasty look. when i am concentrating i may come off with a resting *** face but i would never give anyone a nasty look on purpose. i have never had any reason to give her a look. how professional are you to tell your husband someone was giving you a dirty look?

and why not confront that person instead of getting husbands involved. that was just so unnecessary and unprofessional and it made me feel unwelcomed there even though my money each month contributes to the upkeep of the gym just like any other members money. i would like to say remember those members are the ones helping you guys pay the bills each month. if you're that insecure with yourself or have issues, keep it professional.

this is not high school. this is a legit business that people go to, to enjoy and relieve stress.

when you run off your dedicated members, you will lose money. remember that.


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!