Shreveport, Louisiana

Christine Johnson, is always late for work, will not return phone calls, when at work she most of the time on her cell phone, are out visiting managers at other stores in strip mall. She take out on male member her hate toward men for what her ex-husband done to her.

When a maintenance man was there working on equipment she spent her time visiting and talking about personal affair with him and when he needed something done she would get that other lady that work there that was already busy taking care of the club to do it. When she do talk to men it's a sheriff deputy and then she ask him would he help her out if she got in trouble with the law.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Anytime fitness Cons: Manager bad, Response from one staff worker.

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The reply to this comment is obviously from Christine Johnson. The real loser is the one attacking someone's english when their point is obviously valid. Christine, you should be put out with the trash.


If you are going to write a complaint, at least learn proper grammar. This looks like a 9 year old wrote it.

If a manager is late for work, its none of your business as a customer. Do you work HR for the location?

I'm guessing by the graceful way you have about writing complaints, that you are NOT! Go get a GED loser.