Jackson, Mississippi

Never had a problem here before. This morning while arriving at the north hills street location for my workout, I addressed by one of the workers (April) as to why I brought someone to the gym with me.

Very very rude and to make matters she followed us around the gym as if we were going to leave with the exercise equipment. I asked her if I had done something wrong and if she could have been a little nicer, she stated I should have read the policy outside the door before I enter the gym.

So for that reason I have canceled my contract.



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Saddest excuse for a complaint ever. You broke the rules of the contract you signed, and yet this isn't your fault? Interesting.


You are allowed to bring a guest, BUT only during staffed hours and ONLY after that guest has signed in and also signed a liability waiver. Rules exist to protect everyone. In a 24 hour facility it is extremely important to consider safety.


Sooo, are you saying you stole from the company? Did this second person have a membership there? Were you ALLOWED to bring guests in with you?


Yes, u ARE allowed to bring a guest! The only people that steal are the ones at AF, they charge fees without ever notifying you!


This is a very simple "tailgating" or in another terms trespassing situation.

This AF didn't "steal" money they only "penalized" the member for clearly bringing in a person that wasn't a member. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know their will be consequences on sneaking people in while staff isn't present.

If their wasn't any fees then half the people that work out wouldn't even be a paying member. We don't have to explain every situation to a grown person.

Next time think before you do something. :?