Minneapolis, Minnesota

Got an email from ABC Financial Services, who take care of finances for Anytime Fitness, saying my monthly payment didn't go through and they are charging a $10 late fee AND a $20 service fee. This was because I got a new card from my bank and didn't update the info with Anytime.

I called ABC to inquire and was told all their billing policies are in the contract and I would have to pay the fees. Simply explained that I would appreciated an email earlier so that I could fix the problem instead of sending one with the fees already charged. Also mentioned I would not sign up with Anytime Fitness next year and she immediately put me on hold to ask her manager. They ended up waiving all my fees so I just paid the monthly rate.

Hooray for putting the pressure back on them! It works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Impressive how this is everybody's fault but your own. You got a new card and neglected to tell them.

They processed your payment that didn't go through, because you didn't tell them and then they charge the contracted fees. So you put pressure on the owner because of your mistake and came out on top, and you are proud of this. Wow. I suppose the days of accepting responsibility for ones own actions are gone.

Oh wait, my bad, they should have sent you an e-mail before your card expired or before you were charged the fees........no they shouldn't have. YOU KNEW YOUR CARD had expired, YOU KNEW which card they had on file.

I am so unimpressed right now, way to blackmail a business owner into giving you what you want because you aren't responsible enough to either follow through or accept responsibility. This isn't a complaint about the company and should not be on this website.


Um, except for the fact that they are raping people by charging $30 to simply change a card number!!!


I agree with accepting responsibility. But the fee is way to excessive.

The manager will lose customers anyways because of it.

UNIMPRESSED you really need to open your lens, because it's hard to look through a narrow lens. I understand it's in the contract when you sign up but it's easy to overlook things in drawn- out contracts.


Not impressed with unimpressed. Life happens and late fees are simply a way of profiting off someone's mistake. Good business is when the business owner offers a courtesy call.