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Ive recently lost alot of hours from my job, (since start of december) and havent been able to pay the gym, but now im in debt to my bank (at seventy five dollars negative) because five lots of fifteen dollars of dishonor fees have been taken out of my bank NOT HAPPY AT ALL not am i now broke and in debt to the bank but you still expect me to pay you what i supposedly owe you each month, not including these *** fees, its really unfair on people who only have casual work fix this DONT JOIN ANYTIME FITNESS

Monetary Loss: $75.

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These appear to be NSF fees charged by her bank NOT late fees from Anytime Fitness. It appears that on JAN 30, she withdrew $60 from an ATM leaving only 10 cents in the account.

On FEB 4, Anytime tried to pull her monthly dues and were declined, with the bank charging her $15 for "DIRECT DEBIT DISHONOUR" which appears to be what we in the states call an NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) or Bounced Check fee.

She should have known something was amiss on FEB 9, when it shows her card was declined at McDonald's, yet it doesn't appear she added any money to the account and was hit with another $15 NSF fee when her Cell Phone Carrier attempted to draw money from her account on FEB 25, followed by Anytime Fitness on MAR 4.

The only thing that I can see Anytime doing that they probably shouldn't have is making a second attempt each month on the 7th (3 days after the failed attempt) without contacting her to let her know there was a problem.

That is of course assuming they didn't contact her.

Unless she cancelled her membership, I can't see any reason Anytime would owe her for those NSF fees. That's cheap compared to what the banks here in the US charge.


This is why you dont give them ur bank info and you pay by credit card so u can make lowest payment if you really need to.


I can't stand jerks who are judgemental have no clue that they to could lose their income and fall upon hard times themselves. Late fees can and should be waived for someone in a hardship position.

If you cannot reason with them you should have your account number changed so they cannot further damage your situation.

Good luck!


How does one prove hard times? By a sob story?

Come on. The business is not the *** here or the enemy. The ranter wrote 5 lots of $15. That means 5 times either 5 months, or 5 tries on a Debit Card in one month, or 5 tries on a bank account in 2.5 months.


You should have cancelled your membership, or asked if they have a suspend or freeze option (i actually don't know what they offer).

When you have to tighten your belt, some things have to be cancelled. Maybe that hair appt., or the money spent out frivolously on new clothes could have saved you, or just downsizing cable (i did that, haven't had cable since 2011, saved $200/month, got a second job, Bought a 2015 car, paid cash for 90% of it - financed 10% of it for my credit score!)


LOL you shouldnt have joined then. WOW no brainer. :upset :?


I really don't understand how people can possibly be upset about being charged a late fee. If you are unable to pay lets say a $30 bill that company is out $30 dollars BECAUSE OF YOU! Either pay your bill on time or pay a late fee and don't complain.


I think what he is saying is that they have taken that money out of his bank and yet expect him to still pay fee's plus the late fee considering that they basically got the money that was owed


Maybe you should read your terms and conditions before signing your contract as in every single membership in a gym (if you have ever been to a gym before in your life) there is a late fee when the money is not in your account. Maybe read what you are signing before complaining:


i suggest:

1. not having bills if u cant afford it

2. understand that billing companies can't know if you have enough money in there at that time as it's illegal, they just attempt on the agreed date

3. realise billing companies charge 2nd attmept billing fees because they have to keep attempting to debit your account manually afterwards!