Marshalltown, Iowa
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Apparently the classes that they offer for BOTH members and NON-members really aren't for non-members.

1) The classes are held AFTER staffed/ business hours.

2) the staff didn't even the that they HAD the punch cards their "flyers" mentioned.

3) The instructor SUPPOSEDLY is to open the gym doors just for non-members,BUT since I haven't heard back,

4) the instructor doesn't want to do that.

5) "Keys are only for members," even though

6) I offered that they hold my key deposit until I'm done with the class.

7) While their website recognizes the state of Iowa for finding gum locations, it DOES NOT recognize the state of Iowa for filing feedback.

My problem?!?!? I would like to take a Zumba class at my local Anytime Fitness Gym. It's the ONLY thing gym-wise that I CAN afford.

The class starts at EXACTLY the same time that I get off work one night AND is already in progress at the time I get off work the second night that it is offered. The third night it is offered, I AM NOT going to make the 68 mile commute JUST FOR the Zumba class.

I would like to tie together taking the Zumba class with my work schedule. BUT oh wait a minute "keys are only for members," AND "it would be cheaper if you just bought a membership."

Really?!?!? For who?

I won't be going to the gym Late October through Mid-March, early April at the latest. Five to six out of a 12 month contract and ten to twelve months out of twenty-four month contract.

Let's do the math, $240 for six months OR $480 for for twelve months of non-usage of the gym. Which makes more financial sense for someone just above the poverty level in income? Paying for classes JUST for the duration that they are going to taking the classes OR allowing the above listed estimates of money to go to waste? JUST so that I can have a key to the facility?!?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Failure to accommodate non-members.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Anytime fitness Pros: Instructor helpfullness for the trial period.

Anytime fitness Cons: Refusal to accommodate those who wish to remain non-members.

  • Failure To Accommodate Non-members
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