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I canceled my membership three months ago in writing. Ever since then, I have been getting harrassing phone calls, threats of a judgment and mounting bills padded with service charges and late fees.

They will not return my phone calls at the gym or the collection agency, and their useless web site, myiclubonline.com, will not even let me look up my membership status. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM! They want your money forever! They will not let you stop paying them!!

They will only be satisfied if I give them a bank draft, which would allow them to deduct whatever they wanted for all time. They will not let me cancel!

I have paid 200 dollars to try and get them off my back, but they want another 300 dollars and still will not cancel my membership. They are crooks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

  • Contracts are in blood
  • refusal to close accounts
  • can t cancel contract
  • can t cancel membership
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I believe in franchise things are different based on the owner's business ethic. Some or most will do the wrong things to make extra income. Taking the advantage of credit card used to sign up and innocence of the people.


It is very doubtful that threatening to sue them will scare them in the least. If they are a by the book anytime fitness than the billing company ABC Financial is who you should cancel through and ABC Financial keeps a record of all interactions.

If they had not received a cancellation notice from you and you stopped paying then they sent you to a collections company who now has your account, not the club.

Good communication is the key to getting any problem fixed. Goodluck


I am having the exact same problem. I signed a cancellation agreement at Anytime Fitness and they did not cancel my contract.

Only the gym has the authority to cancel the contract, not ABC Financial. It is a terrible system that gives the gym the authority of all.

I have complained to the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully this will help.


Tell them you cancelled your membership three months ago and if they don't give your money back you will sue their arses. Say you already contacted your lawyer. That alone should frighten them, then print out reviews from this site where people have the exact same problem, lie to them and claim they are backing you up(rather than random strangers) that alone should scare them into giving your money back.


@ Zack ROFL. 99.5% of people that say they will sue someone don't.

And those that do usually have NO idea what they are doing. A threat of a lawsuit to these people is like a Hello greeting in the morning. They've heard it a millllllllllllion times.

Rarely does anyone ever do it and then the burden of proof is on the complainant (you). LOL "i'm gonna sue you" is like foreplay to know they have a sucker on the line.


Also, prior to posting this review, I tried to click the link above that says, "please try to get in touch before posting this review..." and guess what? It didn't work!

Not surprising. A shady bunch.

Don't give them your money. :(


The one person was right. All you have to do is call ABC Financial.

It is on your contract.

They handle all the billing for all the Anytime Fitness clubs. I used to work at one.