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I have been a customer at Kearney Missouri's Anytime fitness for quite some time. It use to be a great place to excercise and lift weights.

However these past few years, the gym has become more of home to germs, bacteria and sickness due to its lack of maintenance. It may be weeks to months before seeing a good thorough cleaning. Machines covered in dust, sweat, and grime. One pass over a machine handle will leave a wet wipe solid brown.

That is if there are any wet wipes available. Bathrooms will leave you speechless and wonder what illness you may contract seeing as human waste remains on toilet seat lids for weeks and mold and trash growing in every corner. Not to mention the lack of respect for it own customers by the owner who continually will train groups of woman in the mild of busy times, taking up equipment and space many other members would like to use. Which takes me to the lack of care for weights including Dumbbells that are tore apart and handles so filthy they will slide right out of your hand.

As well as barbell plates which the owner refuses to acquire more of (has 10 total) for all the equipment.

Which leads to many people leaving with a unsatisfied workout. This gym is in need of a wake up call!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have been a customer of the Kearney Anytime Fitness since 2009. The previous owners were amazing.

Always there, always kept the place spotless and it was a real fun gym to go to. The new owner is horrible. The gym is consistently filthy, the bathrooms look like something out of a horror movie. I have actually witnessed blood on the walls and rarely use the restrooms due to the filth.

The machines are poorly cared for. I actually got on a treadmill one time that was covered in some sort of liquid almost lost my balance and slipped. As far as equipment usage, you are lucky to find an open machine when the owner is training his group of up to 6 woman during peak hours.

He never speaks nor cares about any other member than the ones he trains and takes up all of the equipment for. This gym should be shut down!