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I am a member of Anytime Fitness (currently assigned to anytime fitness les corts in Barcelona). I am sending this complaint following an unfortunate experience in one of the gymnasiums in Barcelona (Anytime Fitness Pedralbes).

On the 06/04/2016 I went to train in anytime fitness Pedralbes in Barcelona around 2pm and left my ipod (Ipod touch 4th generation, 32 gb) connected to the chargers of one of the bicycles. The next morning (07/04/2016) I called the gym and explained the situation. The reply was that they saw my Ipod there and kept it so they could return me the Ipod the next time I came to the gym (I was glad about that…).

On the 08/04/2016 I went to the gym to get the Ipod and, for my surprise, nobody could tell me where it was. After talking to all the workers they told me that there were 2 Ipods and that one of them they had given back to one other member of the gym and that they didn´t know where mine was.

The manager of the gym ensured me that they would watch the footage of the gym to see what happened and that I shouldn’t worry because they would find my Ipod.

I asked every day about the search and every time they told me that they were still reviewing the fottage. Then, the manager of the gym said she was going on vacation for a week and that, because she couldn’t identify no one taking the Ipod, she would communicate the situation to the Senior Management of Anytime Fitness and that I shouldn’t worry (AGAIN…) because the company would definitely offer me a new Ipod.

I wasn´t happy to know that my Ipod had disappeared but relieved that at least I would have on given to me to compensate.

Well, after coming back from vacations the manager of Anytime Fitness Pedralbes told me that she had talked to someone of the company and that they weren’t responsible for the Ipod and that there was nothing they could do about it (AFTER ONE MONTH OF WAIT….).

This is completely unacceptable since one of the main sale points when convincing people to enter the gym is that it has 24h surveillance and that even when people usually leave things at the gym nobody takes it because it has cameras and everything is returned to the members.

I am very disappointed with the behavior of the management team of anytime fitness Pedralbes in Barcelona because they had me waiting for one month ensuring me that I would have my Ipod returned or a new one to compensate and then after all that time they told me they couldn’t do anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Lack of security.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Anytime fitness Cons: Manager bad.

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Not only should you have been disappointed with Anytime Fitness for losing your iPod, you should have been disappointed with yourself for making the mistake of forgetting it in the charger.

People steal things. It's part of living in this world as an adult to understand that.

Anytime Fitness is not responsible for your personal property, since it is a public gym.

I have been a member of Anytime Fitness for one month in Maine, USA, where there are no locked places to store anything.

I keep my property with me and am careful not to leave it for others to steal. I love Anytime Fitness and it is a better gym as compared to the other three I have used.

Buy another iPod and learn a life lesson, instead of blaming someone else.

Just my opinion.