Waterloo, Ontario
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I am sick an tired of being "grilled" at by the management and older people while deadlifting, squating or benchpressing. Just because YOU dont like to lift heavy weight doesnt mean I cant.

I will gladly slam 495 pound deadlifts to the floor when im done...alllll dayyyy long especially since no one will *** at the old guys who do the same with 50 pounds.

ps why are women permitted to wear booty shorts and tank tops but I am limited to wearing a t-shirt...kinda sexist if you ask me.

One more thing....there are 4 CHANGE ROOMS ONLY if your changing and not showering dont steal my shower...

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You sound like a nightmare member


You people don't know anything, especially "Anon" from Apr 23, 2012.

Gyms have thick rubber mat flooring in the lifting areas on purpose! This is specifically to absorb the shock from slamming or dropping weights if you need to.

That's also what the rubber bumper plates are for, to absorb shock from dropping the weight. What do you think they do at gyms where Olympic lifting is done? Dropping the weights in those areas will NOT "ruin the floor."

I am lucky enough to be a member of a hardcore gym run by an IFBB pro.

She explained that there is a specific area where it's OK to drop weights if I need to, and there is another area where it's not OK because it doesn't have the right flooring.

My suggestion is to find a bodybuilding or powerlifting gym instead of going to these family-oriented fitness clubs for the general public. But if that's the only kind of gym available in your area, that's really unfortunate.


Every other person in the comments is a ***, and a CrossFit is not lifting its learning how to take form out of lifting and lift if you are fat drunk and a ***.


:cry Quit being such a crybaby, OP. Would you like to be handed the bill for ruining their equipment and/or floor for you slamming about 500 pounds upon it multiple times?

I guess if you got the bill for that, you'd be whining about that too on here, and threatening to file a class action suit because of poor customer service. People like you are the reason why humanity is going down the toilet. You make me sick.

Grow up and act like a decent human being while you're in a place that HAS OFFERED SERVICES TO YOU WHEN IT REALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO IN THE BEGINNING, or go out and buy yourself some huge *** weights, go home and ruin your own floor with them.

I bet you won't. ***.


Good thing you don't go to CrossFit. Slam the weights there and your a%% will get thrown out.


Everyone has it right, you are what gives gyms a bad name, why dont you purchase your own weights, workout at home and drop however much weight you like and wear whatever you like.



Mate people like you give gyms a bad name



I have been lifting a long time. If you can't control the weight don't lift it.

The weights are not there for you to drop and break.

I have never been in a gym where it is ok to drop weights. If you find one, go there.