Troy, Michigan
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This use to be a great place to be for past 10 yrs and i loved to train there. it was a serious place for serious people that train hard.

but every since new owner ship came in its been awful and not serious at all now. the new owner doesnt know anything about fitness and i helped to train her to run a gym for free for 6 months. but i started to see that different type of people were joining, the new owner is very wild and doesnt act professional at all. this was very disturbing to me as a professional.

im a trainer of 30 years and ive never seen such things as drug activity in a gym or drug deals going on at a gym before new owner ship. plus the equipment hasent been up dated for 10 yrs. this place has gone down hill. the new owner let me go after all i did to help her get on her feet with this gym.

all my clients are going to cancel there memberships because of her...Nancy Anderson and her brother jessie. she has stolen my buisness cards logo and gave it to the new trainer who has never trained anyone in her life, she put the gyms name on it.AnyTime Fitness which i didnt say they could take from me. i will be talking to my lawyer on this whole matter and do something about it.

just thought you should know that this gym has got a horrable name for itself. the new owner is awful.

Reason of review: the owners are no good and lie and cheat .

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The owner is very rude and she lies. She lies about the contracts people sign and tries to keep people from cancelling their membership, even after their contract has ended.

I would spend the extra money and join a nice gym, that is not a dump.

Saving a few bucks is not worth dealing with Nancy. (The owner's last name has changed and I saw Troy Michigan for a location for the comments, so I thought I had written about the wrong Nancy, but I had not.


Oops. This is the wrong location and wrong Nancy!


They lie about their contracts and are dishonest. Nancy is rude and tries to bully people into staying at her gym after their contract has ended.


I must say that I am the owner at the Lebanon, Oregon Anytime Fitness. I was trained through corporate and in a week's time from the former owner when I took over the business last year.

Another concerned member advised me that a personal trainer I had to have leave the property (for a variety of morale, ethical, and after several member’s complaints) had badmouthed the management and made horrible allegations regarding the atmosphere of the club. This was all done on another site while still training at the club according to the dates posted. Anyone who came into this club will see an entirely different story. As far as the business card logo, it is the only available training logo made by a national business card printing company VistaPrint and there are probably thousands of other trainers who have identical cards.

The member count has tripled in our first year here and continues to do so. We are a family gym with a variety of members. I wholeheartedly wish the former trainer the very best in all of her endeavors. She did a wonderful job helping her members/clients as a trainer and is gifted at what she does.

I also hope that wherever she takes her business as a trainer, that she is successful and reaches her own personal goals.

While she may have not been a great fit here, I pray she finds the right outlet somewhere. Regardless, I am grateful I made the business decision I did and shortly afterward read the above false representation of my business as it was only one more confirmation it was the right choice.