Bathurst, New South Wales
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So, i tried to cancel my membership since i moved away from the town i signed up in.

i decided to call the hotline in regards to their cancellation process.

got told to call the branch and could be cancelled over the phone by providing information over the phone.

so i decided to call the Member ship (BATHURST NSW AUSTRALIA)

they said:

"oh thats a shame, you really need to think about cancelling your membership because there is one under 30kms with in your new house, call us back with in 24 hours and let us know"

they didnt know that there isnt an easy way to the gym because there isnt public transport im not walking 20+kms to get there and i cant get there full stop.

so i called the gym back 2 days later because i was quite annoyed.

this is what they told me:

"sorry you have to come into the branch and cancel the membership we cant verify you over the phone"

at this point i could have screamed, i told the consultant i was informed that i could cancel over the phone, so i called and then got told to call back in 24 hours now youre telling me that i have to be in the establishment to cancel.

im over 600kms away from bathurst!!!!

i was furious i said no youre cancelling it now.

after the call i called my bank and cancelled the direct debit and the whole account.

I emailed the branch because i could compose myself over the phone anymore i would have been abusive, i was then told i had to submit a letter of my cancellation even though i was happy verifying my identity by sending copies of my id via email.


after all of this! i sent a letter to cancel the membership, i get an email back saying thankyou but unfortunately we can't cancel your membership because your account is in arrears and you need to pay before its cancelled.

its beyond a joke and i cant stand them anymore.


Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I can't help but notice that some defender of Anytime Fitness hasn't responded anonymously, which means that your story is 100% true and they know it!! I've been lifting weights for almost 30 years and I decided that I'd try them out because of the hours.

I'm ok with the gym, however I'm just outlifting all the machine stacks, there's not enough free weights, so I do have to find another gym which can accomodate me.

I'd like to easily and peacefully cancel my membership soon but it seems like I'm in for the biggest headache I've in gym history. Nothing against the gym but personally for me it's time to move on.