Flint, Michigan

Anytime Fitness has a cancellation policy that is absolutely absurd. I am not permanently disabled; however, am in physical therapy.

My physical therapist recommended I cancel the gym membership as the activity there is going to be put on hold for an indefinite amount of time...needless to say I submitted the physician documents to the company only to be told that in order to get out of their rediculous contract I would have to be a quadrapalegic or dead...REALLY!? For a silly gym membership!? Also, their customer service at the corporate level as well as at ABC financial was rude, insensitive and quite honestly the worst I have ever seen. I was told by a manager that all my document needed to say is that I was substantially disabled; however, once the documentation was sent in no one notified me that it was NOT APPROVED!!

I called to check up on it and they stated that again because I was not dead nor had a experienced a life changing limb loss that I would not be able to cancel the membership and I would have to suck it up. They also postponed my gym membership while I was going through this *** only to add three more months onto my contract as a penalty for freezing it!!!! I hate this gym, this company and I will NEVER EVER recommend any gym with this policy or this name to anyone in my corporation or my social circle. I can not wait until November when this place will not get another dime from me.

Looking forward to taking my business to Planet Fitness.

I tried it out and I love it there...in fact I pay for the 10.00 membership a month on top of the *** money Anytime Fitness is taking from me only because the atmosphere is wonderful and the customer service has been great. Anyone that has had a hellish experience with Anytime should at least give Planet Fitness a shot...even though I know Anytime ruined the idea of joining another gym for me, for quite some time until a friend persuaded me to try her gym...Planet Fitness.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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nice work rocketman. youtell 'em!

i could not agree more. all gyms have the same cancellation policy...

if you are in phyical therapy you are able to exercise. let your gym help you


You know it never really ceases to amaze me how people just don't take responsibility for their commitments. It's always blame, blame, blame.

You don't appear to be too handicapped to work out at Planet Fatness. If you read your contract and made a commitment to your health instead of blaming Anytime Fitness for their lack of understanding your efforts would have already paid off in better health. It's not the fitness center, it's you. I am not a member of Anytime but I do work at another fitness center and hear all the BS and excuses people make just to not have to be RESPONSIBLE for their choices.

Stop being a baby and contribute something to the world! Oh, sorry if I have offended you.

I'll take responsibility for that. ; )

@Rocket Man

Rocket Man are you kidding me? You sir are an *** hat.....The person who posted this needs to take responsibility for the fact that Anytime Fitness treated him/her like garbage???


maybe Anytime should take responsibility for having horse *** customer service and for stealing from their customers, don't ya think?? You are a freggin B**b and should not be allowed to speak you nitwit!

@Rocket Man

I bet rocket man own a anytime fitness or work for them,anytime fitness is a *** gym and they will rip you off.

@Rocket Man

you can get out of a marriage contract..it shouldn't be this difficult to cancel a gym membership..this behavior has nothing to do with "health" its greed..nothing more. you work at a gym, so I get it..You don't make any money, you probably dropped out of college, if you went at all..So hanging onto this idea of "responsibility" is important too you..I get it..But you don't need to let it own you..Go back to school, you can do it!

A brighter future awaits you! you just have to do the work.