Lake Wales, Florida
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I originally signed up in Lake Wales FL then I used the gym in Frostproof close to my school. Before school started back in 2013 I went to the Frostproof gym and told them I didn't want another year contract.

they said ok that's all you need to do. At tax time I noticed on my credit reports they had continued to withdraw money for $38.52 every month. I approached them about it and Lake Wales said I had initialed for auto renewal, they had told me to sign their when I first signed up, that In my eyes is FRAUD.

If some of my money is not returned I will go on Facebook, Twitter and other places to let people know not to initial that little box or they are locked in to payments they didn't intend to pay. I didn't even use the gym all those months they withdrew my money.

Monetary Loss: $231.

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Same thing happened to me. Told to initial all highlighted areas.

Thought the company was legitimate and would stop debiting my account at the end of 18 months, but they continued. Should have known they were a rip-off when they charged late fees on my account when it was automatically debited from my bank account. How could it have been late? There was always plenty of money in my account.

ABC Financial is the collection company for them in my area. They are not legitimate.