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It's high time i want to take strict action against meera bagh's manager, sunil gunglani and saurav who didn't paid any heeds to my complaint..there is a guy who was trying to harass me first inside the gym and then i ran out of the gym but he stopped me and snatch away my Phone on the staircase so i went to the manager that this happened to me ,do something but that guy came and idk what he said to the manager that it's our personal matter u Go..but why the *** did he left when i was in need..i was asking for help but he left smiling n giggling..n after that guy pushed me forcefully to sit in the car n the story continued he tried to hit me aswell n did..if the manager would've taken the action..i might not be having that injury on my head ..because that guy is insane.

Next day i went straight to the office and complaint to the manager by narrating him the whole incident but then again by his nature,he was smiling like an idiot and still assured me that this won't happen again but it happened after that i got a long text from ur staff trainer,saurabh..u can see that i have sent the number ..that guy texted from his number n gave my instagram information to him..i complaint again about this but no heeds were paid n now yesterday only again i got a text from meera bagh's manager's number..u can check this number..why the *** they are giving their phones to some guy who've been troubling me from past 3 months .why they can't be serious about this matter

.still they are allowing that person to torture me more..because of this mess, i had to migrate my membership to other branch..if u won't take a strict action against meera bagh's staff ridiculous disgusting behaviour which assures NO WOMEN SAFETY, m gonna take the action further to women helpline number..

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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