Berlin, New Jersey

I stopped in my local anytime fitness just to look around and get the prices. They were very nice , all the while telling me how they were here for me to support me while I reach my goals and how if I need any help they would be there.

After the tour and speech i got the prices. He told me there was a one time enrollment fee of 125 but if I joined today he would give me 50 off. I explained I was only there to get prices and see the gym and that I would decide in the next day or so. Of course he wouldn't give me the 50 off if I joined the next day!

Now, if they care so much about my getting healthy and in shape why would they use those sales tactics? That's just wrong. They do not care!

He just wants the commission of signing me that day.

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So the guy offered you a better deal that would save you money and he would take less money so you got mad WTF


stop looking for prices to a gym you are too fat and lazy to join. get off your *** and workout or dont waste the employees time.

they could be doing 100 other tasks aside from trying to convince you to quit being useless and take care of your fat *** body. people dont quote prices over the damned phone because if you are REALLY concerned with taking care of yourself price isnt even an object if the gym has 1)the product and 2)atmosphere youre looking for. which you cant examine over the phone. the REASON they dont quote price over the phone is to motivate you to make a decision to get off your lazy *** and physically SEE the facility and if its right for you or not.

full pricing info is ALWAYS disclosed in person. try calling a ferrari dealership and get a quote over the phone and i GUARENTEE they invite you in to test drive the car first. THAN see if budget is an issue.

and if they can help you plan your finances accordingly to afford it if its something you are REALLY serious about. the problem is you and your laziness.


Hey *** put the weights down for a little while and pick up a book. Your spelling and grammar is horrible.

Being nice and genuine to people will get you a lot further on life.

Come over to Crossfit New England for a class and we will see if you are actually in shape. Punk.


Too bad someone didn't give you that same pep talk when you were in 2nd may have continued on with your education.


You're a ***. You don't know anything about this person, but you attack them?

You ***! By the way, learn some grammar.


I think you have to be 16 to join these gyms anyway and with your attitude I doubt you are anywhere near that age. Often companies give a promotional discount for a certain period of time.

It is YOU who does not care about your fitness because one, you did not join the day of the promotion and two, you are not willing to pay the extra $50 for joining a day later. If you actually are old enough to join a gym grow up and stop blaming your poor decision on them.


Anonymous.. your comment is ***. You probably work for Anytime Fitness.


What a ridiculous comment from the first Anonymous. The first poster is indeed correct. They are extremely pushy and would not give me any pricing over the phone.


Yes, I called to inquire about prices and talked with a woman who kept insisting I come in. This persisted for a while until I told her flat out that I wasn't wasting my time coming in without knowing how much their memberships run.

She FINALLY quoted me an -ish range. Would never give me a definitive amount. I am interested in joining a gym, but her ambiguity about how much I would be charged annoyed me enough to not pursue a membership with them any further.

I agree those tactics portray deceptiveness and cultivate mistrust. I wish they realized that :/


I agree.