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I started a membership at anytime fitness in Wayne Michigan. Had the manager sign on my contract cancellation any time.

Work out short of a month didn't like the gym. Called and left a message for Dave the manager saying I wanted to cancel my membership and do I need to return my key fob. Left my nmae and phone number never heard back from him. Month later I get a bill from their finance company abc finance saying i owe for a month.

Called the finance company and they said they never received a cancellation from my gym. Now I'm pissed, called the gym and talked to the manager Dave and he said he never received my message. Come on, in my 30 years of having a phone I've always received my messages and if someone tells you different their lying. Now I got proof I called the gym and called the finance company to cancel also.

So now their saying I owe 582.00 for a supposedly 30 bill that I did everything right. Sent a long letter to anytime fitness and was never called or written back. I'm going to make this my mission to tell people what a scam of a gym this is. Thinking about getting a sign made up and going to walk in front of the gym, picket the place.

I didn't get your voice message, BS, Dave. Calling the news paper also and tv station here in town, problem solvers.

Wondering how many other epople they tried this on. Please let me know.

Ken Kulpa

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Hey im dealing with this now. What happened to you??? I have a lawyer on my tail.


Same deal here. Had a membership in Kyle, TX.

Tried calling a few times and their system was conveniently down every time.

Had a friend call to pretend to wanna sign up and got a "Sure, come on in." Eventually they stopped answering my calls. Just got a call today saying I owe $500 something.


What happened in the end???!!! I have a lawyer on my tail!!!!


This happened to me too!


Same happened in Youngsville La


I'm trapped too.


This happened to me. I'd be willing to take part in a class action lawsuit against ABC.


I went in and cancelled my membership. I paid my last month fee and $80 more to cancel it.

A month later I got charged on my card from abc finance. I called then to fix it and they said I only cancelled my gym membership. I did not cancel the payments so I had to pay them. I thought they were the same company but I guess I was wrong.

If there is ever a class action law suit against then please post on here. I will look out for it and join.


That happened to me as well my first go around with Anytime, they do not handle bz well "individual" owned gym but they know u have to cx both & do t tell u prob on purpose.


My problem was finally taken care of by the personal trainer, I owe him a big thanks.

Ken Kulpa


I had a similar experience with anytime fitness in old forge, pa. The vice president/attendant didnt produce any papers for me to sign when i walked in and stated I wanted to cancel my membership and is trying to continue to collect from me.


Dave pulled the same stuff no me! He is a liar and a cheat.


Contact me at as Id like to start a class action suit against Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial. I will tell you of the complete lack of mercy shown to me by the collection agency that ABC Financial turned me over too.

@Cl*** Action Suit against Anyt

I just sent you an email!!!! Help!!!