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I was told when I joined that I could cancel anytime I wanted.I got pregnant and they would not let me cancel!!They are also overcharging me and have many excuses why!There website says fixed fees so why are they did they charge me more and say it's a "club enhancement fee"???I can never get a hold of anyone when I call!!!I think these owners need to go back to school and learn how to run a gym!!I'm so furious with these u know whats!!Wish I could say what I really think!

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Just finished a six-month membership; was told very clearly that the key fey was a refundable deposit, but it wasn't given back. Also, they knew fully well that I was a teacher, but didn't offer me the teacher rate, which several of my colleagues pay.

Had to pay the enhancement fee, saw no enhancements. All in all, very *** experience, and I won't have anything to do with this company again.


i got into the gym for free. i like the staff 8) my parents signed up and were told about the fees so they say it when you sign up also the staff so change not on the out side but majorly on how they act.


I am an Anytime Fitness staff member and I would like you to know that in the contract that you sign you agree to a once annually club enhancement fee which the gym uses to keep up on equipment, etc. By signing the contract you are agreeing to it.

Check your copy of the contract because you cannot become a member without initialing that area. Please remember to read contracts before signing them.


I was aware of the club enhancement fee, but not so quickly. I just joined the club in November and already they are hitting me up with the yearly fee.

It's only March, please don't tell me they'll get me again in November! :upset


It is very important to read a contract be for sign it but you do not expect your gym to crew over .

I expect that from the bank , the landlord, the phone company but not my gym .

Thank you for remind us that anytime fitness is just like any sneaky company who at the core is just looking to make profif at the expense of the consumer .

It so easy to tell the consumer the is a annual enhanced charge and from history it always end well when you do that to your consumer.


I just wonder what our membership fee is for. Why do they charge on top of the fee for more equipment when this should be through the membership cost. Other gyms do not do this and have cheaper membership costs.


I didn’t get a copy of my contract. She had to keep it for the boss to finish and didn’t show me anything or tell me anything and when I called he said it was a flat fee that included the tanning bed and was only a 6 month contract which I made sure was marked on there before I left as well as the amount he said it would cost.

She wanted to charge me extra and I said he told me this and she’s like “well he’s the owner he can do that” and she also wanted to charge extra for the tanning bed and I told her he said it was included and she just was like “ well he’s the owner, he can do that”. Gave me my key and walked off


Im pretty sure many major companies will charge extra and see if they can get by with it. Then when you call to have them taken off your account they complain. If the people who are running these businesses were charged extra for something I know they would complain so why do it back to the way I was charged an extra $20 bucks this month from Anytime Fitness for god knows what.


As long as they have your credit card info, thats all they need. You will be at their mercy and they will ***.


Corporate is just as big of a joke as the franchise!! I called corporate to file a complaint and they just took my name and number said they would have the owner call me and I have never heard anything from Anytime Fitness. Istrongly encourage you to file a complaint with the BBB " and the federal trade comission ""


I'm sure that that happy little note about how great it is totally NOT written by a member...I mean seriously people...


When a gym tells me that I can cancel ANY TIME I expect to be able to CANCEL ANYTIME...I don't appreciate being LIED TO....the only reason I joined this particular gym was because of that...So...WHY WAS I LIED TO??????????


I actually joined the gym when I found out that I was pregnant. I was overweight to begin with and did not want to gain anymore un-wanted weight.

So over the course of the 9 month pregnancy i lost ten pounds!! i delivered an 8lb 3oz healthy baby! I was so happy that I continued to work out durning my pregnancy! I am now down 50lbs and continue to lose weight with the help of the staff:) If you have a restriction from a doctor and take it to the gym then the staff will handle it for you.

As for club enhancement fees, you are told about the fees when you join, it should be no surprise!

Anytime that I have had a billing issue it was my fault for not having sufficient money in my account and I was charged a late fee; The first time that this happened the staff happily refunded my late fee even though it was my fault. I love my Anytime Fitness Gym and Staff:)


Read several of the posts on this website and you will see this comes as no surprise to anyone. This franchise is all about $$$ and members are just a means to an end.

Franchisees have and will go to extremes to make money, including but not limited to throwing out the policies for their financial benefit.

Oversight from corporate is nearly non existent. BUYER BEWARE!