Ottawa, Ontario

I just had a similar experience with Anytime Fitness regarding my key FOB deposit. My membership was transferred to Anytime Fitness after the gym at Carlingwood Mall recently closed its doors.

Today I went in to Anytime Fitness to work out and checked in with the owner to find out if National Fitness had transferred our member ship fees. They hadn’t. The owner told me they had called all members of National and I had missed the deadline and he wouldn’t refund my FOB. I never got a call.

He told me I was wrong and I had, overlooking the fact that I had initiated the conversation about the membership. He then went on to tell me that I must have given them the wrong number and that it was my fault. I had him check, it was the right number. I was surprised he would conduct himself this way with a client.

In the last 6 weeks at his gym I have spent $600+ on personal training and he was now forfeiting any chance I would return or recommend the gym, all over the $10 deposit (he also made a point of asking me to give him the key before he told me this. really shady) . Then he claimed he had no cash in the office and couldn’t refund me anyway. I felt like I was being hustled by a carny at the EX.

I left without my deposit. I would caution anyone about investing in a membership at this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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