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To Whom this may concern,

I was a former contracted employee for anytime fitness in cobourg Ontario Canada owned by Rick and Christine Fisher. My stint of employment was short lived for only a few months. I was never asked to sign any kind of documentation and no rules or regulations were ever communicated to me.

I implemented structure for the person training department. I created a price list of training packages discounting the longer commitments made by potential clients, suggesting the use of uniforms so staff could be identified by new and existing members, when giving consults to be more thorough creating a better service and a more personal experience for potential new clients, personal trainers to have clipboards and stop watches on persons at all times when with a client, record all exercises, personal and performance statistics so any improvements made by the individual could be recognized and acknowledged, implementing boot camps, etc etc. When these items were implemented there was immediate positive feedback creating a better image for the gym. I have yet to receive 1 member complaint and have lost track of the positive feedback I have received. I generated a profitable income for the establishment as well. Ms. Fisher and myself did not see eye to eye on several things, but I never once conducted unprofessional or unlawfully behaviour, actually, and the fact is, I suggested many different examples of how she could generate more member foot traffic through advertising and being present in the community. Ms. Fishers opinion about my values and business ethics caused her to conduct some very unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour. She has, on several occasions, spoken to another employee about her personal opinion and accusing me of soliciting, manipulation, an unwillingness to share clients and most recently, only valuing the more financially savvy percentage of society. These discussions were had during staff hours within the facility. She has made these ridiculous accusations based solely on personal bias and has yet to prove or provide evidence supporting any of her claims. This is a violation of my Civil Rights and is completely unacceptable behaviour of a business owner. Myself and another employee resigned from our positions as personal trainers. Anyone in the fitness industry or any kind of business is aware of the turnovers that occur with contracted workers. When a client is comfortable with a certain quality of service, they pay for that service, not what name accompanies that service. Once again I would like to state I never signed any documentation regarding contract rules and regulations. I submit and the fact is, providing all of my clients with the knowledge of my resignation and my future where abouts. I informed them that Ms. Fisher would be providing new trainers so if they wanted to continue to train through anytime fitness they were more then welcome too as their goals are ultimately my number 1 priority. They made their own decisions.

I would like to state that previous to the conversation had on or about the 17th of June and from the time myself and another employee tendered our resignation on or about the 14th of June, there was no attempt by Ms. Fisher to make any kind of conversation while in uniform or during staffed hours out on the floor. If she said hello or acknowledged me in anyway I did in fact respond or acknowledge in the most professional manner. If Ms. Fisher spoke about anything work related I was happy to oblige. I did not engage in any personal conversation with Ms. Fisher which was the reasoning for her underhanded behaviour. I had also approached Ms. Fisher weeks before and had sat down and ask her if she had any concerns involving me to speak directly with me and not other staff members as it was disrespectful and unprofessional behaviour, she agreed. On or about the 17th of June ms. Fisher asked another employee if she thought it was a good time to speak with me, the employee said no, and Ms. Fisher responded “ well I’m not scared of him.” Immediately following, she entered the staff office where I was sitting down at the desk, and said to me that we all needed to be cordial for the next 2 weeks we were all working together. I stated to Ms. Fisher that my actions leading up to this point had been nothing but professional and I would not be personally cordial with someone who continues to violate my civil rights. I stated if she did not agree with my actions or thought I was being unreasonable or unprofessional in anyway she could provide me with fair severance, and id be happy to collect my things and be on my way, she refused. She also first denied ever having said anything, but then after I mentioned the most recent accusation “ I only value people with money,” she replied “ well you do.”

While Ms. Fisher and myself were having this conversation, Royston Thompson, an officer for the Durham Regional Police department, who is Ms. Fishers partner stood just outside the office, at times would pace back and forth starring directly at me in an intimidating manner. Towards the end of mine and Ms. Fishers work related discussion Mr. Thompson interjected and said “ lets go Christine, you don’t need to listen to this ***. I asked why he was involving himself in a conversation that was strictly work related and did not involve him, he responded with things like “ I’m not scared of you,” and “ you’re a *** ***.” As the conversation continued so did Mr. Thompson’s level of aggression. He began to raise his voice and use more profanity and said things like “I can’t wait for you to leave the building.” I responded with, “was that a threat? Aren’t you a police officer?” He responded “ no that was not a threat, yes I am a police officer and I know what a threat is.” This happened while several members and staff were attending the facility. Many seemed to be distracted and disturbed by Mr. Thompson’s actions. This also did not provide them with a good experience. This escalated to a point that Ms. Fisher was yelling at Mr. Thompson to stop several times.

I immediately left and filed a police report with the Cobourg Police Department. The officer who responded to my complaint also had a conversation with both Ms. Fisher and Mr. Thompson. I have also contacted the Durham Regional Police Department and the OIPRD about the conduct of one off duty Police officer Royston Thompson. I can provide Witness statements upon request. I have documented this situation and have addressed my concerns and am hoping to move forward. I personally don’t feel the need to take further action.

The reason for this email is to make you aware of the situation that occurred on or about the 17th of June 2016 that reflects badly on the Franchise name. Because I was not willing to put myself in harms way, I made the conscious decision to leave the company immediately following the incident. I should be compensated with a fair severance but this is just my personal opinion.

Thank you for your time,

Craig Collins

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor service, poor ownership, threatening environment.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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