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I sought a personal trainer at the Anytime Fitness in Granbury, TX and was baited and switched several times, from the first personal trainer to the felon (I was never told was a felon, I had to find out after he started ripping me off, threatening me and abusing me). I tried to get out of my contract because I did not pay my money to be abused, and the owner refused.

I took her to court and after the settlement and the contract also expired she still stuck her dirty thieving fingers into my checking account to rob me of nearly $1000 more of my money. Not once did I ever receive any services from this company. This owner woman (who claims to be a doctor but isn't) felt entitled to rip me off regardless of the fact that I not only received no services in exchange for my money, but instead was DIS-served for my time and trouble. I have a track record with another company of long term physical training, but to hear this woman talk, I was the one who was in this for the money!

She is worse than the felons she hires! She is a criminal!

If you want to avoid being made to pay for being abused, avoid doing business at this particular Anytime Fitness. The woman is evil.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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Your not supposed to judge others and that includes felons and thats straight from GOD


Whats wrong with hiring a felon thats discrimination we all are felons some just havent been caught like this lady not paying for her services your a thief and should be called a felon as well look at hou trying to steal I hope one day youll be labled as well oh you probably already are fat ***


Always the owners of someplace pointing their finger in a different direction to get the bad publicity off of them." Oh no, it isn't us that's at fault! Honest! We did nothing wrong!" It's always the people making the money that get away with everything including money of people who actually work for a living.


I only have a professional relationship with the staff and owner at Anytime Fitness.


We were just called and informed by one of our many happy customers that Kristin M. is posting inaccurate information on the internet about our amazing faciliy.

We want to first state that we are very sorry that she is unhappy. Kristin hired a trainer who was not an employee of ours. We do not hire felons or trainers. All trainers work independently.

On a side note, this particular trainer has many clients who actually follow him around because of his training ability, including famous bull riders and Dallas Maverick dancers. We really hate to have to even justify these comments, but it should be noted that Anytime Fitness was sued falsely because Mrs. Kristin was upset with her trainer and believed that the trainer was an employee even when told he was not. After the counter suit to recoup our attorney fees, the conclusion of the jury trial was that we were falsely included and she would have to pay the attorney fees.

We are very sorry that she is upset over this and in no way did we mislead her. We tried to inform her that this was between her and the trainer. Mrs. Kristin could have canceled her membership with only a 30 day written notice, but is for some reason accusing us of stealing from her because she neglected to monitor her own bank account where she would have realized that she had not turned in a 30 day notice should she have decided that she really didn't want to work out anymore.

Again, we are very sorry that she decided that she didn't want to come and work out at Anytime Fitness where she could work out at the only 24/7 facility that is the safest, cleanest gym in Granbury. There are cameras every where to ensure the safety of our clients and in 3.5 years, we have never had a problem. Gym members come in and work out safely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the cameras, there are personal security necklaces you can wear and an AED to help should someone suffer from a heart concern.

We can not stress enough that we are very sorry that Mrs. Kristin feels this way. Please come check out the amazing facility we have and I am 100 positive that you will agree that our facility is very safe and very clean.

With prices starting at just $29.95 for 24/7 nationwide access, you can't go wrong. Call the gym today to schedule a tour at 817.579.6450


Really? You're having your friends denegrate me all the more?

Is that really how you solve customer service problems? FYI to all your hateful malicious friends, I have been driving to Ft. Worth several times a week in order to work out without being harassed. You don't care about the truth, you only care that the truthful but negative comments from former customers who would like to inform others of the abuse they suffered by stifled by the lies and innuendoes you spread to get rid of the truth.

I went to that facility in good faith and I should never have had to suffer any harm for doing so.

That is the simple truth. How do you sleep at night?


I love Anytime Fitness Granbury! My whole family works out at the Anytime in Granbury .

I have two teenage daughters, ages 16 and 18, they both work out in the gym alone at anytime day or night. They are safe and no felons work there.

It’s the best gym in Granbury. The owner and staff are wonderful people.


Honestly? They are suppose to offer a service?

They are offering a service.

It's a facility that is open 24 hours. All you had to do was drive to the gym and work out.


WOW I am so sorry to hear that! I live in Crowley Texas and I am a wellness professional who hates to hear stories like this! I hope you are doing well now!