Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I have a respiratory condition that makes it difficult for me to breathe when exposed to dust. At the Kempsville, Virginia Anytime Fitness center, I courteously explained this to a staff who was dusting the equipment while I was on it.

She continued to dust, as if she did not hear me. This particular center is on the corner from where I live. I have been a member there now for about 6 months. However, I am forced to travel several miles away in order to use a more environmental friendly center.

Too bad, since I appreciate the gym otherwise.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Do not dust equipment when asked. Instead, wait until after use. .

Anytime fitness Pros: Convience of location.

Anytime fitness Cons: Response from one staff worker.

  • Hazadous Environment
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Isn't it a better thing that cleaning was actually taking place?


Absolutely, cleaning is a good thing, but not better when it interferes with one's breathing. As I said before, I appreciate the gym, but wish they would consider timing when they decide to clean. Thanks for your response.


I will let you know that staff isn't there 24/7 therefore the part time staff has to clean as part of their shift when it is not busy. Keep this in mind, that perhaps this is the only time that is available for cleaning.

I do agree that they should be sensitive to your medical needs, and considerate, but they unfortunately might not have many options with timing.

Have you tried contacting the owner directly about the issue? Maybe they are scheduling cleaning during a certain time period or maybe you can try coming a little earlier or later to see if that resolves the issue.


Actually what I have done was to change my own schedule, so that I workout early mornings, or later in the day, when staff is not present. This has been unfortunate, since I prefer working out between eight and nine mornings.

My complaint is so that the company will be aware that some of us are less fortunate than others, when it comes to our health. Hopefully, knowing this management will schedule cleanings at off-peak times.

Also, the owner should know that even those who are healthier must not care to breathe cleaning fluids, while working out!