Fulham Gardens, South Australia

I cant believe i stumbled on this site to see im not alone! I feel like a fool for not researching this more and noticing that i had a strange sense that there was money on their mind and how to take it as much as they could!!!!. They are money hungry criminals just after your cash, all you are to them is a wallet, as they pretend to care about your fitness goals until you give them a cent and then you notice they are all lying frauds. Will get you to sign away your life if they can and drain every cent from you!! I know i did the wrong thing i did not take the contract home and read it in its entirety... but i just could not believe the clauses that they have in there so they can steal your cash at any cost! even if you wanted to discuss options whatever money they can get they will take it. Im scared to look into my bank account right now i have no doubt they are draining it with an "undisclosed" Fee. I was in a tiny office with no air *** at 40 degrees with the owner manager and PT all i thought were interested in fitness goals with a business to run i understand. But i asked if they had any specials on and there was nothing said even though i was fanning myself with a flyer saying $0 joining fee, but obviously that was outdated! a $50 pro rata fee, & lots of other nice fees for good measure, give them my bank details, think i am making an good decision for my future health. but now they have my account could not get me out the door soon enough!!!! good luck she says and slams the door... yeah good luck ever seeing your money again!! Get home and there is a flyer in my letterbox that very same day $0 joining fee the exact same gym. I should have at least had the option to consider the sale plan. They are lying frauds that just pressured me to sign and lock me in long enough to take my cash but not long enough i can use the 7 day cooling off period. i am totally disheartened and disgusted by the whole event and wish i never went, i dont want to look that money hungry staff in the face again. Was then sent a "final notice" threatening of Debt collectors and added $100 fee for not responding. when clearly i have not recieved any letters emails, phone calls at all, im not sure how it can be a "final notice" its been a day! Harassment and they want money i would feel so sorry for them if they did not have mine. obviuosly business is not going well and they are desperate even if it means irate never returning members, if they can get a dollar or $300 on the spot they will! its just horrible. They are not a gym they are criminals prying on people that are trying to do their best and get fit. Id need to start a second job to pay all their fees, its so sad how they act like they care i wont go there im too disgusted with the whole thing!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I hae finished a 1 year agreement and they billed me 3 extra months and i went maybe 2 times because i became without my car so i called them to after i noticed they took another payment which was 30days before another. i said i cant make down there it to the gym because of a car and change in my job location and on call work so close out my account they were nasty and hung up on me so i cancelled my debit card and now they threaten me with collections...also they would make fake appointments while i was working something i never agreed to.

1 year agreement finished and i will never give out my debit card again..they will try to drain you dry..stay away from Anytime Fitness people.


They are opening a AF in my neighborhood, but after reading some of these comments I will not switch form my gym for AF, I am currently paying $18 a month.