1271 Rickert Dr, Naperville, IL 60540, USA
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These are are just a few harassment claims by customers of this Naperville, IL location, reviews are all posted to Google.

I was in the area and wanted to workout at this location. I like to take advantage of the Anytime Fitness Gyms across the nation. I've been to several different locations. Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Indiana, Colorado and I will continue to visit more. I have seen great gyms and interacted with some great owners/employees at these locations.

So I get to this gym on lunch-break. Only one middle age woman was working out. Complete dead in the gym. Anyways I walk in and immediately look for a bathroom to change into some workout clothes. I was quickly approached by the owner. He grilled me with all sorts of questions in regards to who I was, why I was there, and my gym attire. He takes a look at my shoes and tells me I can not work out at his facility since they are muddy... (They were dusty from running on a forest preserve from the day before.) Are you Serious, I asked? He replied, "we cant allow those to be worn here". The shoes had white bottoms, and are virtually impossible to stay white. All I needed to do is take a wet towel and they would have been cleaned. He went out of his way to show me the signs all throughout the gym.

He had a very snooty and condescending attitude the entire time we talked. As I was leaving he lets me know that "NAPERVILLE HAS DIFFERENT STANDARDS THAN YOUR GYM" He just rubbed me the wrong way. Wouldn't you want people in your gym? It attracts more customers to your business

Overall the gym was clean. Gym was very small and lacked free-weights. Music selection was poor.

I usually do not leave reviews but I felt obligated to leave this one. I would suggest a different Anytime Fitness in that area. Maybe he pissed me off because I wasted pre-workout. Who knows? but I can tell you that I will never step foot at this location again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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