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So I signed a 12 month contract with las Vegas fitness and they closed down in June, midterm of my contract. Las Vegas fitness put no notifications, newsletters, etc to notify people they were closing down plus there contact information was no longer in service so I wasn't able to see what the deal was with the left over months I had with them and anytime fitness bought out that company but were located in a totally different location and they didn't tell us they sold the company to anytime either so there are many customers that are heated..

I was never notified that continued contracts went with anytime fitness. I did not sign a contract with anytime. They charged me over $ 250 and sent me to collections and from then that is how I found out I had membership with them! Could they do that?

Anytime should have at least sent a letter to me saying my membership transferred.

Somebody help me out. I dont wanna give a dime to those *** bags that screwed me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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WOW I agree with Ryan! Finally some sense in these forums. Pay the debt and get on with your life!


You still owed on the contract if you were given a place to workout inside 5 miles of your original club then your contract can be sold. A lawyer costs 15k minimum to sue a business so it doesn't make much sense to sue over 250 dollars.

Pay the debt and move on. You owed on an original contract so pay it.


Sounds like anytime fitness is going to go under. They suck if they have such terrible business practices. Buyer beware should be part of their slogan.


they are crooks. sue them, and never do business with them.

picket them.

post complaints against them all over the internet. Anytime Fitness sucks.


go talk with a lawyer i could not give them a dime you were never informed and now they want to hold you responsible tell them to go to ***