Hebron, Indiana
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Wife and I usually go to Winfield but time was short and decided on Hebron Monday morning around 9am. Since it was closed for awhile for updating we figured it would be better than it used to be.

Old machines, small, dirty, and just nasty. What we found now was dirt everywhere. Not just from construction but just DIRT! The towels used to clean the machines after use were dirty, the drinking fountain looked as if it was never cleaned.

The bottled 5 gal water machine was empty. The machines themselves were dirty as if not cleaned for a long time. The floor had not been swept as we saw dust bunnies everywhere. There was just old dust and dirt everywhere.

We saw no staff. No cleaning person. No one! There was no suggestion board or box as in other AF.

We'll keep going to Winfield... NOT Hebron

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Filthy.

Preferred solution: Hire someone to keep the place serviced. Clean Towels, clean water fountains and bottles water dispenser, floors, machines etc....... Just keep the place clean..

Anytime fitness Cons: Place was dirty.

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I'm sorry. I don't usually respond to people like this but I workout at this gym very regularly.

My husband and I joined the first month it was open. It has been open less than 10 years. They have added new stuff every year and did a huge renovation that brought in a ton of very nice NEW equipment about 2 years ago. We never have to wait to use anything and the place is clean.

It's a small town so we know the cleaning staff and they are there every day. Even the staff in the office cleans. The staff is super friendly and guess what, our rates have never changed since joined.

We have visited most of the other local Anytime Clubs and although they are nice, we love our home town club the best. So don't go bashing our club with lies and false statements.


I go to the Anytime Fitness Hebron gym regularly and I find it clean all the time. I go at different times and it's not unusual to see someone cleaning.

I know they have a cleaning person that comes in daily but their staff always seems to check and clean up any messes, usually left by members visiting from some of the other local Anytime gyms. We love this gym. It's never crowded and they have a huge amount of variety. We hope it stays this way.

I have visited many of the other local Anytime gyms and I find this club relatively cleaner than the others.

Not saying theirs is bad but they aren't as fresh and clean as this one. Plus I had a harder time moving freely through my workout due to the number of members and our members seem much friendlier.