I don’t know how useful this would be but here's my feedback for you guys.

Below are some of the disappointing incidences that I could remember

a. Mostly the Trainers are busy with themselves or training only girls.

b. Some of them have other agendas of marketing their own ventures - one of them even connected with me to invest in his venture and not to renew the membership with Anytime Fitness

c. Others are busy with nothing - they wear there Black Personal Trainer T-shirts and act too pricey - guess the agenda is that not all members should approach them. Even if you still approach them they would tell you some abrupt exercise and shoo you away

d. The best part is the entry into the gym – A trainer would sit reclining on the chair just behind the counter, talking on the mobile, I went and knocked at the door, to which he waves at me saying “where is the key” (in sign language) – without even opening the door. Boss, if a customer is knocking at the door, it’s a simple common sense, either the customer doesn’t have the key or has forgotten it. In any case please open the door and let him in – wouldn’t that be better.

e. Let’s talk about key now – When I registered (on trial basis for a month paid INR 4500)– I was told by Neha that I will get the key tomorrow, when I went in the next day (after paying monthly fee) – I was told by your manager that “for obtaining the key – I will need to pay another INR 1000” – wish you would have informed this during the enrollment. Then very next day Neha tells me that for getting the key – I will need to either enroll for 6 months or 12 months. Please don’t play such tricks with customers – this only disappoints them. On top of that that the behavior of your Staff. As I quoted earlier.

f. Now I would like to narrate one more extremely disappointing and very annoying episode that happened today morning. I went to the Gym, I was greeted by Neha and the same old Trainer that I have mentioned in “point d” – they had a fishy smile on their faces, Neha stops me from entering the main workout area and says “sir, why don’t you carry your shoes. Why do you wear them and come” – to which I replied, “it’s just because I don’t have enough time to come here and kit-up and start the workout. I only workout for about 30 - 45 Minutes. Also I told her that I have a very packed schedule and taking out time for workout is quite difficult. Now, Ideally this discussion should have ended here but don’t know why she further insisted and probed further saying “ Sir, when you wear your shoes and came that tends to dirty the gym” – I was shocked at this, Ma’am what do you mean, - post this - I didn’t utter a word and moved back, came to my car and drove back – Please inform her that I came to the facility in a car and my driver drops me on the entrance of the gym and I take the lift to reach the facility. How could my shoes get dirt, quite difficult to understand? Please appoint some decent receptionists who understands how to value customers.

By the way not everything was 100% wrong, there was a quite dedicated and very professional trainer too guess his name is Vikrant - but one person can only do so much.

Thanks for all your time and patience in reading this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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