Orlando, Florida

I am trying to find out if there have been any problems with the Titusville FL Anytime Fitness there. I cannot find any. I did find dozens and dozens of complaints - one verbatim from someone who was verbally disrespected - posted dozens (literally) of times. Yes, the AF Auburn and Yulee AF locations suck. Got it. The first dozen times was enough.

What about any of the other locations in Florida? Say Titusville?

The only info was the same complaint was posted dozens and dozens of times from this site. Venting - I get. Wrongfully treated - I get it. Monopolizing a message board is selfish - seeing the same complaint again and again, word for word - is useless.

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before i signed up for the membership i asked the guy in charge if i needed to cancel at anytime how much would it cost or what was the procedure and he replied "oh, we can work that out, we will most likely waive the fee" and so i thought going in i could eaisly get out since my family plans change meaning my husband is in a different country and i might want to go live with him but i didnt know when. Now one month into the membership i tried to suspend my contract and anytime fitness finical says i can only suspend if i am physically unable to or i am unemployed either or i have to send proof, so than i said i wanted to cancel and it is hard to do either.

When i signed up the man working there lied to me. *** anytime fitness they wont get a dime from me bc i called my bank to block the charges for any amount so go ahead anytime fitness and put it against my credit i dont care it wont bother me bc credit people know gym memberships are a scam.


Thank you Mr. Corporate POS!

You guys do this to everyone you can! Bend em over and take er deep....ANYTIME STYLE!

Chuck Runyon, where are you when your corporate steaming piles leave droppings on this website? I know, collecting the commissions and "doing good"!

Read all the postings on this website....does it read like one person to you? Hardly!

When corporate is trolling the complaint sites, you can bet the revenues really SUCK! BUYER BEWARE!