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My husband had a membership at anytime fitness in halifax and he told someone who worked there that we were moving to the US. It was not given as an option to cancel only trasfer the membership to the charlotte, nc location.

We were not told to fill out any paperwork (which we gladly would have) or pay a fee, just that we had to transfer it.

When we got to charlotte, he e-mailed the manager and he told him to come in and "he would take care of everything for him". Well for the next 4 months we were billed by both companies and no one in Halifax would talk to us and told us we had to deal with the people in Charlotte and the people in Charlotte said we had to deal with the people in Halifax. Round and round it went. I talked to a few people at head office who said that the clubs would not return their calls and there hands were tied.

Seriously, corporate office could not do anything. I spoke with the billing company who told me it would be $150 to cancel and that we could have cancelled before and that Halifax office mislead us. By the way, I dealt with a woman named Robin there who was not very nice to me at all.

Now we are moving again and even though the original year contract is over, we need to send our closing statement from our new house indicating our new address (so we can't cancel before we move) and then it will still be 30 days after that and there is also a charge of $50. Seriously, my husband has been to this gym about 7 times and we have paid probably $500.

I would NEVER recommend signing a contract with this company!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Please check your monthly credit card statement to tack billing for Anytime Fitness. They have double billed my several times in 2017.

I will check statements from previous years as well.

Crooks!!! Smithfield and Suffolk VA.


I was a member of anytime in fla and moved to baltimore.almost exactly same thing occurred.i dont want to get out of contract,just dont want to pay for gym i cant freak lay off the roids!


VERY WELL PUT! Herein lies the problem.

Consistency, training, experience, staffing, cleanliness, policies, resigning, etc. with these franchised 24 hour clubs. IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING $$$. The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how challenging the fitness industry can be.

As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for members! SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof?

RIGHT! Profitable? RIGHT! Easy?

RIGHT! They may be trying to survive with an impossible business model. Hear that?

It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now for a lot of franchisees!


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


Termination policies are clearly stated on the contract which you 'most likely' signed the date you enrolled. Did you bother to read those policies?

Furthermore, Anytime Fitness required a minimum 12 month enrollment at 'most' locations. Just because you moved doesn't mean you can just opt out of the contract. Furthermore, since you access card is good NATIONWIDE you don't technically have to transfer before beginning to use the club in your new hometown.

You could be working out while working on the billing issue.

You had options - Take some initiative and quit blaming others for your lack of follow through.


Come on sf, be know that these things happen with the gyms. They are eager to take your money, but when you have to take them up on one of "their" options they offer (like canceling because of a move, or illness) they do not like it and now they ignore you because they know what you get out of their contract!!! Maybe sf works at Anytime Fitness and is here on their behalf!


Do you think that contracts apply to everyone else, in the world but you??

It appears that you went to great lengths to complain to many different people within the organization, it is odd that if what you say is true, so many people can be so unwilling to help you for so long??? ..Perhaps it is your perception of the situation that is "off".