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They will charge you for the key and NOT TELL YOU! They will continue to take money from your checking account unless you write a letter 2 months before!

And they still keep taking it! DO NOT JOIN Try and stop the memberships! I need a lawyer now I noticed they have been collecting 12,50 for up keep of their gyms!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

I moved away and still am having a issue.The trainers are great in Hope Valley RI but should be helping people out way more.

they will if you ask and then ask again and stand around wasting time because you don't want to keep asking how to do stuff. Stay away

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It is unfortunate to hear that you had a bad experiance at Anytime Fitness. As an Anytime Fitness manager i hate to hear a negative comment on a franchise that cares so much about its members and their health.

Every club Charges for the key. It does cost the club money when we enroll you so that you are able to enjoy all the features that members get at our clubs, such as reciprocity. Imagine going to 2000 + clubs and trying to enroll at each one,(Very Expensive). With our clubs you pay one key fee and startup fee to enjoy 24 hour access world wide.

The reason Cancellations need a 30 day notice is because we dont handle the billing in our clubs. It is all handled by a Company called ABC Financial, and we have to give them enough notice to cancel any pending payments. As far as the enhancement fee goes, our club charges 14.95 once a year from every member for upkeep. You seem upset to pay only 12.95 to invest in the business in which improves your health.

I am very confused, would you rather go to a different club that doesnt charge this fee, and have equipment break down on you every day or have a machine that is out of order because there are no funds to fix them? The enhancement fee is not a free check to the club its a investment to better our already outstanding facilities!

I hope this comment sheds some light on those reading this site. Anytime Fitness is a great facility which is why we are ranked so high on the top health clubs.

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