Worcester, Massachusetts
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I joined Anytime fitness, thrilled that a local gym was opening in Grafton, Ma. I paid my membership in full. I primarily used the treadmill and was very careful with the equipment.

The last 10 times I've been to the gym, I was continuously shocked whenever I touched the equipment. Bringing this to the owners attention, I was told that it was my clothes.

I followed up with three calls, that, were not returned. On my fourth call, the owner said he never received my messages.

During our conversation the owner was really rude and had no sympathy for my situation. I asked if I could freeze my membership and he said no. What rights do I have? I regret paying my membership in full. I don't appreciate being shocked or his lack of empathy for my situation. As far as renewing my membership - yeah right!

- $560 short

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $560.

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The owner, Greg, is a crook. He's a thief and no one should ever do business with him. Also, he cheats on his wife and she's so naive, she doesn't even know it.


I go to Snap Fitness in route 122...pay by the month...watch for special Matt who owns the franchise nice guy.

I've froze membership to go to Florida no problem and started up again.


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


Do you sue HQ or local?


Who shows sympathy for Static Electricity?!?! Are you f'ing serious?

This was a big enough problem for you to complain to the gym? You should sue! I remember I had static electricity one day... My skirt just kept clinging to my pantyhose and I got so mad I called Express and demanded Jesus himself to get on the phone!

Then every time I sat in my chair I got shocked!!!

I sued my job and got workers comp!!! dumb-***


The equipment wasn't properly grounded. It isn't normal to be shocked repeatedly.

The owner explained this to me during our conversation as well as the town who had received complaints on this same issue.

- $560 Short


Quit rubbing your shoes on the carpet:)

And has anyone ever heard of a FREEZE? Low on money, out of town for 3 months, just ask for a FREEZE. Any gym owner will do this so they can keep you happy and keep you as a member.


i was also excited wen i saw an anytime fitness open up. i came in one day and got signed up right away with a too eager owner.

after having the gym membership for a couple months my job got closed and i had very little money. (college student here). i found out at this time that the contract i had signed was a binding agreement for one year. i was pretty shocked myself bc the manager had never told me it was a year long binding pact.

god.. do i feel *** for not reading the fine print and asking more questions about my "package".


Would you like some cheeze with theat whine?

Try static guard


I'd have given you a refund JUST to get you away from the rest of my normal club members if I owned a gym.

Next time try to moisturize your skin before you walk around on carpet.


He's lucky he didn't serve coffee....you'd probably sue him because it's too hot.

And then complain to your friends that it's too cold.


If it was winter, and the machines are on carpet, of course you will experience static shock. That's not the owners fault. Give me a break.