Austin, Texas

Too long to explain but bottom line is that I got pregnant about 2-3 mnts after I became member. So I am no longer able to workout cause im always sick & now dont have to money to be paying $50 once a mnth!!!

My dr wrote a letter & everything&im still stuck with the membership, in May it'll be a yr & ive only gone to the gym 5 times & am still psying $50!!!!! They clearly only care about their money, ive been stressing way too much over this & its just crazy if you ask me fj

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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You signed a contract - a business agreement. You made the choice to *** (at least it is assumed so).

Take responsibility for your actions.

It's your responsibility to honor the agreement. People like you are annoying.


What does your contract say? What are the grounds for cancellation? And yes....usually a business only cares about your money.....