Maple Grove, Minnesota
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Anytime fitness is overpriced for what little they offer and makes it impossible to quit. They conned me into signing up by telling me that they would waive the $70 membership fee that I would have to pay if I decided to join at a later date "what a great deal!" I stupidly thought.

Well I should have checked with my insurance company first and done my research because it turns out my insurance has a max of 2 people they reinburse, so instead of paying $10 a month, I am paying $43 a month for a gym I no longer use. On top of that they told me I would get a free personal trainer visit and that they would contact me. 3 months later and no contact. I asked them and they told me that 'I' have to contact them, but when I emailed the address they gave, it was no longer in service.

They also say the only way I can quit is if I 1) die 2) sell my membership to someone else 3) move more than 10 miles away from any gym [Which is impossible unless you move into farm country-and they demand proof] or 4) become permanently disabled0which again, proof.

Long story short they are overpriced with mediocre equipment, so do our research before joining and don't let their *** customer service trap you. They are only interested in one thing: $$$

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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