Calgary, Alberta

If you ask about their prices, you may or may not get a response. What you will get, however, is added to their spam list without your consent, unsubscribe options that don't work, and one of their employees actually mocking you when you repeat your request to be removed from their list.

Apparently I need 100 words, even though that about says it for Anytime Fitness. So here is a more general comment about fitness clubs in general: I don't trust these guys. Goodlife Fitness, World Health Club, and AFC, none of them list prices on their websites. Lack of transparency. It is submitted that "We have many membership options and are unable to give a quote without more information about you" - in other words, "We want to be able to charge you different prices and try to rip you off". Talisman Centre, YMCA (with several locations) and Champion's Creed Martial Arts are all able to to provide fee schedules. It's not so hard to do.

AFC might be the worst in my books because I actually assumed it would be safe just to email them - but for all I know any of the others would be just as sleazy in their marketing. Although it's hard to imagine it being common to have a manager send insulting emails in reply when you ask to be removed from a spam list. So may AFC is, truly, the worst.

Again, transparency in the market would just be swell.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Anytime fitness Cons: Response from one staff worker, Not being able to cancel.

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How are these guys even in business with planet fitness only charging 10 buck a month. No contract?


Keep in mind that the fitness industry includes a very diverse array of gyms. You can't just compare prices when it comes to a gym.

You have to see the gym, use it, and understand each gyms culture to have a grasp of what you're paying for. It's a very cognitive market.

I would suggest physically walking into each gym and purchase a membership at the one you liked the most based on experience.


These clubs are independently owned so no there isn't just a set price.. In Maine we start at 37(30 if a veteran) but in other places can be up too 100.... So asking for a set price would be a false statement with nearly 3000 clubs world wide...