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I recently came back from Afghanistan and wanted to find a local gym besides god awful Planet Fitness. A few of my friends go to Anytime Fitness and they tell me I should sign up because they only pay $30 with a student discount.

I go in and ask about a military discount and the lady tells me that it'll cost me $35... I then ask her how a student pays less than military and she goes on to give me some *** about student loans. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Half the kids in college have mommy and daddy paying for their education and I don't know anyone who needs to pay for therapy [physical or mental] because school was too hard on them.

I certainly didn't know anyone that showed up for class one day only to get shot and killed or blown to pieces.

Sure, $5 a month is next to nothing, but I was so offended by the principal and the total *** coming out of this woman's mouth that I couldn't even stay in the building.

No, I don't think because I'm in the military I deserve a discount wherever I go and no, I don't necessarily think I'm better than students because I joined the military. I do however believe if you're going to offer such discounts you should have a *** good reason to make the war veteran that literally needs to stay fit for his "job" pay more than some 19 year old who is just trying to burn off all those underage drinking calories.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Thank you for your service and find another gym.


id be mad too. i frequent places that don't give military discounts all the time but i find it distasteful to give steeper discounts to kids that are either getting college paid for by the government or by their parents than to military personnel. the gyms at the base are overcrowded, smelly, out of the way, and close early which is why I have a membership elsewhere.


You are absolutely right! and by the way, I, too, am a veteran (though I never fought in any war-just served in the military stateside during Vietnam) and you DO deserve a discount (no matter how much it is! YOU EARNED IT!


Dude, if you really are in the military, all gyms on base are free. The discount is what it is.

You sound like a dependa right now.

What's next? You gonna throw your spouses rank(which you think is yours) in their face and demand it?

@82nd all the way

Yes! Thank you! What a freaking whiner.

@82nd all the way

For us Veterans we can not access any military base or post. Be nice for a discount been going to AF for 5 years.

@82nd all the way

A dependa? What is that?

Spouse rank is the same as the member so what is your point?

Military members and their families deserve a discount but unfortunately it is what it is. Don’t spend your hard (very hard) earned (even though it is not enough) money where the discount is not given.

@David M

David M did you just say the spouse has the same rank as the service member??? Couldn’t find my spouses legal contract to DOD and didn’t see her at formation this morning. You MUST be a dependa.

@Actual vet

Nope, dependent cleaning up your mess at home so you have one to come home to. Your an idiot!

Check your spouse ID....

it is on there for a reason. were late for formation.

@82nd all the way

Yes there is gyms on base but it’s not really convenient when it’s closed on certain hours and days.


As a "war veteran" I'm embarrassed to read things like this. You my friend are a entitled *** that makes us all look bad.

You seem like one of those guys that would claim PTSD just because you didn't get your little parade when you returned home. You probably would be alright with the fact that you're taking away from someone that actually needs it as well. Times like now we need all the support we can get and people dont want to read idiotic *** like this.

Man up for F's sake.


OP's complaint makes me wish I was blown to pieces while I was in Afghaniland.


As I recall every base had a free gym. And I've been to several.

Then when I left active duty, I started to do this "pt" thing I've never heard of before. It includes push up, sit ups, and running. Along with other vigorous excersizes. All of these were 100% free.

as I ran around my neighborhood I actually found a quarter once, so I was actually paid to do it. As far as gym equipment, I don't need to lift 500 lbs with my legs, just throw on my ruck and fill it with rocks and *** running.... but in basic several years ago I was issued something called "common *** sense" . Not to mention all the years I spent doing route clearance while the army paid for the little electricity I had and all the mre's I had eaten.

Just think of it as now your paying for them. Unless you put your big boy pants on and manned the *** up.

But I do agree that there are so many kinds learning and drinking on daddy's dime.

At least you earned your 5 dollars and you can be proud to say you have something to show for it. Maybe.

@Combat engineer

Yes gyms on post! I agree , you can go to the local school and run the track.

A good idea is a circuit, Run 2 laps then at every 1/4 of the track alternate pushups and sit ups for 4 laps and run 2 more. It’s everything you need for the pt test or was. I would also crab walk the football field, plank and Ruck run or hike. For free!!

Thanks for your service! I agree also, nowhere were you all taught to whine!!

Go do it...! Peace


Anyone in the military is good in my eyes. We need to support each other not criticize.

(First in, first out).


Thank you


"you should have a *** good reason to make the war veteran that literally needs to stay fit for his "job" pay more than some 19 year old who is just trying to burn off all those underage drinking calories."

stop drinking.




When you read articles headlined "Generation of entitlement amongst vets" they are talking about you, sir. This coming from somebody who takes pride in both being an OIF vet (PH included) and paying the extra $5 bucks like everybody else.

You think you can't get ahead of some college kids because they got a $5 discount? Where did the BAMF attitude go...used to be a show of strength to do things the hard way.


What an idiotic post. I have served in the military for the past 6 years and would never complain about not getting AS MUCH of a discount as someone else.

Think about the college kids who have to pay for their own tuition and work part time.

Your post is representative of a typical egotistical entitled military veteran who makes the rest of us look bad. Go get an attitude change