507 8th Ave SE, Pipestone, MN 56164, USA
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Incredibly dishonorable staff and owner. I was temporarily staying in this town for work.

One night I forgot my gym key and had walked to the gym, and the trainer who let me in was very rude about me forgetting it. I had been knocking on the window in the cold for too long before she, one of the many people who were in there, let me in. I was already a little offended for being ignored, and then furthermore for being spoken to so rudely, and I then proceeded in my anger to politely and professionally inform her who I was and that she was in the wrong to treat me how she was, because I didn't deserve it and she knew I was a member. Then, I notified the manager immediately, but all she did was take the side of the trainer and insult me further.

They involved the gym owner, and he too took their side and wrongly faulted me, a veteran and paying member, who didn't do anything wrong, instead of holding his people accountable for their inappropriate behavior towards his customers. There were a few members who witnessed the entire thing, and a few of them made me out to be the bad guy falsely accusing me further. I ended my membership the next day.

Where is the honor and professionalism in what happened to me here? -army veteran

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What does being a veteran entitle you to exactly? Because you're a veteran you should be treated differently than the rest of us?

YOU forgot your key. They issue them for a reason; to keep non-paying jackasses from entering. You said you were from out of town, so obviously they didn't know who you are.

For all they knew you were some random vagrant pounding on the window. So take your veteran "privilege" and go *** yourself.

to A proud non-veteran #1459645

Remember who fought for your country. It Anytime Fitness staff who are not " vetted " properly.

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