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My name is Christy Parry. My boyfriends name is Mark Hout! We joined Anytime Fitness on June 29, 2011 in Henderson, Nevada. We had plans on moving to Henderson, NV so Mark could pursue his MMA fighting career with promoter Kenny Heuer. At this time, we are not able to move to Henderson, NV.

I understand that there is a 30 day wait time for the access key to be transferred nationwide. However, once we returned to Florida, we asked the owners at ANYTIME FITNESS in Homosassa, FL. to transfer it, so we could use the gym facility after hours. We were told by a man named Mark that he would take care of it by Monday, July 25, 2011. That never happened. A few days earlier on Friday, July 22, 2011 at about 11pm there was an incident between Mark Hout and another gym patron by the name of George.

The incident went as follows:

Hout and another gym member (Gary) were having a conversation pertaining to Mark's MMA fighting career. Mark explained to the man that he was not able to get a fight while we were in Vegas for various reasons. At this point, George, interjected and told Mark, "YOU ARE ***, and you never went to VEGAS." Mark defended himself by telling George, "You do not know me, nor my situation, so shut up." George proceded to Mark's area yelling at him where he was just an inch away from his face. After about five minutes of being just an inch away from Mark's face, George walked away. Mark called me (Christy) to explain what was going on. Minutes later, George returned to ANYTIME FITNESS. At this point, I was scared that maybe George returned with a weapon, so I called the police.

When George returned to the gym, Mark stepped outside. Meanwhile, George walked out to his car. Officer Ricci showed up at the gym and asked Mark to leave, not George, just Mark. Mark left the gym, and we figured that when the owners looked at the tape, they would clearly see who was in the wrong, and would side with Mark Hout and I.

We returned to the gym on Monday, July 25, 2011, and spoke with Mark (man that works at Anytime Fitness.) Both Mark Hout, and I had a lengthy conversation with Mark/Owner. Mark/Owner explained to us that he was aware what was on the tape, and told us that George has been in and out of jail. He also said that he is aware that he has a "hot temper." We both told Mark/owner that we dont want any problems, we just want to work out. He said that he understood, and things should be alright between everyone.

Twenty minutes later, George and Mark/owner approach Mark Hout and George tries to shake his hand while he is working out his abs. Mark Hout refused to shake his hand and simply stated, "I am here to workout, and we are not friends." George told Mark Hout,"That is it, you crossed the line." We made that clear to Mark/owner in the beginning that we did not want to socialize, just work out. I am not sure why Mark/owner thought that was a good approach to solve the situation when the situation could have been solved by just ignoring eachother. AFterwards, George kept talking to other members very louldly about the situation that had already occurred on Friday night. Meanwhile, Mark and I are quiet and working out. Other members tried to talk with Mark, but he avoided the situation.

After George told his whole story to literally everyone at the gym loud enough for everyone to hear, he approached Mark again and said, "I am sorry that I offended you. I did not mean for this to go this far." At this point, Mark shook his hand back and said, "Alright, no problem." Then, Mark tried to just ignore him and proceed with his workout. I was not comforable with George approaching him and trying to speak with him. This gave me an uneasy feeling because I thought this guy was going to start arguing with him again.

Mark gave him the benefit of the doubt and started talking to him. George told Mark about a TV show where fighters bully older men and asked Mark if he would bully him. I thought this guy is trying to set him up. I told Mark, "Please finish your workout and lets go." George told Mark, "I am sorry that you did not make it." Then, George started raising his voice over what the meaning of dignity is. Mark walked away again. George left. THis is a gym, not a bar. George talked more than he worked out.

On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, I (Christy Parry) went into the gym again with one intent and one intent only. work out. I asked Dean (owner) if the problem with our key could get situated. I was surprised at what came out of his mouth next. He told me that he cannot have fighting in his gym and asked me if I understood where he was coming from. I absoultely understand that he is running a business and that one party would have to leave to avoid further conflict. I assumed that he would cancel George's membership because HE caused the conflict. He told me that Mark and I would have to be dismissed. I asked him if he would listen to our side. He said, "Yes!" Then, he also agreed with me and told me what he saw on the tape. This makes no sense. He sees George approaching Mark and verbally harassing him, and Mark walks away, but we have to leave? WHAT? When I ask him why would it be us that has to leave, he says, "They are paying members." This has no logic because we are paying members also.

Bottom LINE- Mark Hout and Christy Parry (two people with clean records) are dismissed, but George,a man who has been in and out of jail can remain there as a member. Clearly, these guys are friends, and something else in the gym is going on!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Your boyfriend is an MMA *** bag, anyone can tell you, that those type of people start *** for no reason. I seriously doubt that his role was as innocent as you made it out to be. There is nothing wrong with discrimination against ***.


who is gary?


It appears that George was a regular and that its probably his home gym. You two being newcomers no matter who is in the right or wrong were dismissed, not your home gym. It's probably a franchise, I wouldn't take it personally.


Somebody call the Whaaaaaaaaambulance. Thanks for the novel.

That's about 5 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

I wonder what the other side of the story is. Hmmm...


What kind of discrimination are you claiming anyway?


I am here to fight against discrimination! There are plenty of nicer,and bigger gyms to go to.

Furthermore, I am not going to respond to any more negative comments.


Actually, I was there for the second incident. The second incident was enough to make a case! What is your point?


Do you always refer to yourself by your full name when telling your stories? Mark Hout sounds like typical MMA wannabee *** and you were not even there when the initial confrontation took place so your testimony don't mean squat.


Who... Cares?