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The owners misrepresent Anytime Franchise name. Anytime Fitness Puyallup, WA

March- 2018 Fun Run event donations were not given to the Behind the Badge foundation until 2 months after stated they needed to wait until after payroll was paid out.. (I have email history/documentation and proof)

On several occasions the owners came in smelling of alcohol- to the degree I had several clients ask if they drank before coming in- sitting in on employee interviews, talking with members while intoxicated. (Have text proof from owner to myself “had at lunch before coming in)

Once I brought this out- they followed up to lay all office staff off. Stated it was for the business operations etc that our checks would be mailed- one week later after checks were to be paid- we all received a letter informing us- the funds would not be available until July 15th (when their club enhancement fee will be paid to them) - check paydate- June 25th.

They have since then hired new trainers to need to pay so this makes no sense. All of the staff who worked with me are no longer with the company- all around turn over due to the complications within.

They still owe multiple clients refunds for personal training sessions not rendered- have not paid them out.

In the course of my time with the business, I received phone calls regularly about past due payments on their bills- even had the electric company, their lender (Kabbage) stop in to request payment in person bc of the past due balance. Electric was almost turned off.

Items like: Water filter light was constantly on red for longer than a month.

They have made a bad representation of what the culture of Anytime Fitness franchise stands for. I think this is not fair to all the other owners who do everything correct to be pulled down.

The paycheck, sure it’s not helpful to not have it- but it’s the principle of it all that bothers me the most. They will do anything to keep themselves ok- but that is all- they don’t refund when needed, they don’t pay staff, and they put off payments until the very last minute. I would not want for anyone to pay for a membership there. I have more files when you would like to view them.

Candice {{Redacted}}


Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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