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When I signed up with ANYTIME FITNESS for a 15 month membership beginning 2/1/09 to 5/01/10. I thought I was done and that I would have to renew, so I just quit.

June 1st came around and ABC Financial took 63.05 out of my account. I asked the Manager in charge why they took the money out when my contract was done He told me to look at my contract because I signed up for a Auto Renewal Program. This Manager did not explain anything about a Auto Renewal Program. He just told me to write my initials.

If I would have known this I would have went another month. What I'm saying is this is poor Customer Service.

I also called ABC Financial and got nowhere with them but a big sorry. People, beware.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Yes Mo, I should have read it. But it's that little word called trust. I'm just warning people to look over their contract, because management for Anytime Fitness will not explain what you're signing and you may get scammed


Maybe you should read what you sign.


Anytime and Snap both use a third party billing company to try and insulate them from the negative publicity. They consistently use this to their advantage to extract additional fees, dues and revenue from unsuspecting members.

This was obvious while I was involved and one of the reasons why I am no longer. Between employee errors, lack of management oversight, corporate issues and the billing company involvement, it is almost guaranteed you will pay more than what you agreed to.