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the decision was made to remove the tv controls whenever management was not there. i work out from 0200 to 0430.

i have been able to change the tv channels up until a month or 6 weeks ago. gym etiquette has always been first come first served. i was always able to watch what i wanted while on the treadmill and if someone else was there i got permission to change the channel or lived with what they were watching if they were there first. the channels are being changed during the day because i keep track.

your manager there does not have my permission to make my choices for me, nor do you. this all started because someone took offense to a person watching fox news, but now your management has a liberal news station playing on one tv which actually was on the middle tv in the gym, not the one by the treadmills but today it was changed to the tv by the treadmills. free choice is for everyone including myself. if you have to give in to the cupcakes of our society and deprive me of my free choice consider that a breach of contract.

if you cannot comply have the tvs taken out of the gym and also the music that is piped in at too high of a volume.

many of the early gym people have always been satisfied with fox news and a liberal news and a sport channel at that time of morning. thank you, steve krauss

Review about: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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